Kim K Goyard....tell me more about it, PLEASE!

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  1. I posted this in other thread, but as suggested posting it here too...i saw this bag and absolutely fell in love with it, but have no idea where to find one, whats the name of it and how much could it be if found in stores.
    ANy info is greatly appreciated, i am so in love with this purse!![​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Anyone know who this gorgeous leather jacket is by?
  3. the bag is called the Saigon, and can be found in all the Barney's that carry Goyard, as well as the san francisco boutique. If i recall correctly, it's a few thousand.
  4. how much is the goyard bag?
  5. Thank you for information!!

    i went to Holt renfrew and they didnt have it here in Toronto, i am so in love...not sure if i will fork over FEW thousands...but would love to see it in person, i will try to talk to SA in Toronto Bloor store...its just soooo pretty
  6. which louboutins is she wearing??
  7. Her shoes look like the Bianca from the fall 09 collection....

    I love that Goyard bag....very cute.
  8. Wow, super bag, great shoes and the glasses are ???? Anybody???
  9. It's the Goyard Saigon, PM or MM
  10. I believe the glasses are by Dita.
  11. i'm not a fan of this goyard. its too hermes-esque to not be hermes.. lol. i'm weird about that kind of thing though.. don't mind me.. doo doo dummmm
  12. She looks GORGEOUS with the Saigon!! It looks like a MM to me, it's in the 2.5k-3k range, correct me if I'm wrong :smile:

  13. Agreed!:biggrin:
  14. When were these pics taken?