kim cattrall and Chanel in NEW MOVIE

  1. I freaked out when I saw this........ This is the NEW beach bag for SS08..... Hirshleifers has one in stock....... I don't think anyone realizes that this bag will be in the upcoming Sex and The City movie!!!!!!!!


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  2. How much does it go for?
  3. The bag is $3495. The "cc"s are made of wood.
  4. ^^Yikes! That's a lot of moolah!
  5. Yeah, that's too much!! It's that expensive because it will be in the movie. :rolleyes:
  6. What a nice bag, huh(:sad::sad::
  7. Nice bag. I like the neutral color.

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing heels on the beach? Gotta love it!

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  9. Didn't know that.... Just thought I would share my finds...... I love you guys!!! Won't do it again
  10. i saw that in the magazines.. but i dont think its that nice...
  11. I feel the same way... Not really a TDF bag.
  12. Like the bag---NOT the price!
  13. cool bag! thanks for sharing!
  14. no one said you can't share:confused1:
    We said you can't post contact info.