Kim Basinger charged with 12 counts of contempt of court

  1. Another chapter in the long and bitter custody battle of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. I've been following this case for some time and it's starting to get interesting. I know a lot of people don't like him very much, but if what has been written can be trusted, I'm inclined to side with him on this one.

    He's apparently writing a book about how the family court system chews up and spits out men who want to be involved in their children's lives. Also, (based on the assumption that what I've read is accurate) she sounds like a classic PAS-er. I won't go into too many details but PAS stands for Parental Alienation Syndrome -- and is usually present in high conflict divorce situations where there are children involved. In fact, it is so prevelent that I would not be surprised if there are some people on this forum who've experienced it as kids and don't even realize it has a name. More and more courts are beginning to recognize this psychological syndrome in custody cases. The clinical definition is:

    "The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the systematic denigration by one parent by the other with the intent of alienating the child against the other parent. The purpose of the alienation is usually to gain or retain custody without the involvement of the father. The alienation usually extends to the father's family and friends as well."

    Kim Basinger accused of violating custody orders
    Wed Oct 4, 2006 7:17 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Kim Basinger pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to violating child custody orders in her divorce case with her ex-husband, actor Alec Baldwin, a court spokesman said.

    Basinger, who entered the plea through her attorney and did not attend the hearing, was ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner to face a trial early next year on the contempt charges over accusations by Baldwin that she violated the custody orders.

    Baldwin, 48, and Basinger, 52, have been involved in a bitter and protracted court battled over custody of their daughter Ireland, 10.

    Baldwin accused Basinger of blocking his visitations and failing to notify him when the girl suffered an injury.
  2. I hate it when this happens...I understand that she might have some points...but since we are not leaving in a jungle court orders are to be respected I think...I mean he is their father!
  3. I always thought Kim B. acted a little wacky. She seems a little unstable.
  4. I don't like to read any of this. For one, it is sad, but you also don't know what the truth really is. How can we honestly make comments?
  5. Well if she was charged...obviously the court felt as though she did something wrong. Right?
  6. this is sad
  7. I hear you, but that's the case on so many things we comment and 'judge' on.

    Anyway, although I am not a huge Alec Baldwin fan, I do believe him. I have often thought it was painfully clear what Kim Basinger was doing. The one I feel most sorry for is the daughter. She is never going to have the opportunity to really know her father.
  8. We'll never know what's *real* and what's not in cases like this.

    In reality, anyone can go and file any kind of charges like contempt, stating the other parent didn't do this or that, and it all gets argued in court. I don't know how old the children are, but could it be they are at an age where they just don't want to go with their father? That happens quite frequently. Also, if two parents can't be negotiable as far as visitation, this certainly can happen. My ex and I didn't hold tight to the ordered visitation ~ we were flexible with whatever was going on. I can imagine if one of us was a stickler, we'd have problems.
  9. how can we really know what is going on? Whenever I read issues about their ongoing custody battle, it is always his version and his complaints. What about a little discretion from both parties?
  10. god, kim bassinger is a kook. she's just hurting her daughter.
  11. He was not informed of the child's injury? That's not sitting right with me. WHether anyone likes it or not, he's still that father......
  12. I am very familiar with the family court system- and it is not easy to have someone charged with civil contempt, let alone TWELVE COUNTS of it. It is pretty obvious to me that he's been gathering evidence against her and her behavior for some time. Let's just hope this gets resolved for the sake of the little girl, because I can't imagine being used as a pawn has been too fun for her.
  13. never expected it from Kim :sad:
  14. Well it seems to me that she may be a little unstable...but isn't Alec known for having temper and rage attacks? he is very charming and a good actor and all that but I think she left him because she couldn't handle his anger problem....that may or may not be true...but she should not denigrate him to her daughter

  15. Well, they certainly know that she broke her custody orders, but nobody knows why, yet. So we really shouldn't judge her without knowing all the facts (that's even if we should judge her at all, of course!).