Killing Dogs in Training of Doctors to End

  1. I am really glad that this practice is ending. Seems almost barbaric. I could understand if they were looking at already dead animals, but I guess there's no way to study a beating heart up close and personal except to cut open a living breathing animal.
  2. I'm glad to read this. :woohoo:
  3. I absolutely hate animal-testing.....of ANY sort....they have feelings too!!
    But I'm glad it's ending...sort of ending ....because many people out there still test, operate on animals.
  4. thats so sad :sad:

    im glad its ending though
  5. Oh my God. That is horrible. I'm glad it's about to end though. How barbaric.
  6. Breaks my heart too. If the thought is that doctors can get as good an education NOT using dogs than I agree with the hault. However, I will always feel these things are done for the advancement of medicine to help save and prolong human lives and I support that.
  7. Same here, I'm pleased to see it ending. You'd think, with all the special effects and the like we can do, they'd find a way to show a beating heart in a realistic way. Heck, if they can make Patrick Swazee (sp?) look like a convincing woman, they can make a heart beat!

    One of the most barbaric ways I heard of animals being used was when they tested LIPSTICK on the eyes of rabbits. It sickened me so much, I couldn't use makeup at ALL. We'd be well-served to look into the brands we buy and see if they test on animals.

    But the goverment is the worse offender of animal testing.
  8. Horrible, just horrible. This makes me so so sad, poor little dogs.
    I am glad to hear it's ending, one step closer to one day ending all animal testing.
  9. :yahoo::wlae::woohoo:
  10. I'm glad that it ended but I was sad to see that it was even in practice.
  11. I didnt know that it was happening.
  12. Horrifying...I am SO GLAD this practice is being ended.
  13. That's so sad..I'm glad is ending though!
  14. I am going to play the devil's advocate here and point out that a lot of dogs are euthanised in shelters every day. So if the dogs are doomed anyway, why shouldn't they serve a valuable purpose such as training future doctors? Don't get me wrong, I am completely againt animal testing by cosmetics companies and of course I am horrified by the thought of an animal suffering needlessly in any capacity. But many medical advances that we now take for granted would not have been possible without animal experimentation.

    I would much prefer that pharmaceutical companies and medical schools use convicted pedophiles, rapists and murderers for practice and experiments but until I am elected Absolute Dictator this will never happen...