Killer CL Pumps 37.5

  1. Those are definitely Killer! :smile: Gorgeous pumps! Not my size though, and nowhere to wear them!
  2. those are so hot - i wish i had the extra money 'cause they are in my size!
  3. So pretty..:girlsigh:
  4. aww those are my size but i should be saving.
  5. Ugh they're off by half a size for me! :tdown:

    I hope some tPFers score a pair though!
  6. I love the zipper trim... reminds me of what one of the Project Runway designers did for the jean challenge.
  7. Gone....
  8. UGH! Sold out!
  9. wow. very cute shoes.
  10. Those shoes were very nice. BTW, that episode of Project Runway was one of my favorite challenges, along with the Hershey's challenge.