Killed by customs duty...

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  1. I found the second of my dream bags!! So :yahoo:for that. However, the SA just told me the customs from shipping from Canada to US would be 20% - 30% of the item value. Seriously?! :wtf: Can someone confirm? And has anyone ever had a pristine bag ruined by the customs agent before? I'm afraid she'll ship a brand new bag and it'll arrive with scratches because the customs guy opened it and didn't repackage it correctly. :sad:
  2. You'd be buying it from a boutique in Canada?
    It really depends. Sometimes customs doesn't open the package, especially if it is coming from an actual boutique -- they simply assign a charge based upon the declared value.
  3. That's not true. You will pay about 8%, it should equate to sales tax.
  4. I don't know about US custom, but in the UK it's around 20-30% since it's not just the duties charge but it includes importing tax or something like that, the VAT and sometimes there's a handling or releasing charge as's maybe you should call all boutiques in US first...good luck :smile:
  5. I'm sure people on the ebay forum can confirm the actual rate though you can also inquire at your local post office. I think Smooth is right about Canada to US import tax.

    In Manila, our duties are 45%:yucky:
  6. I never heard of such a large tax either.
  7. Oh, phew. Maybe she got momentarily confused. United States = United Kingdom? *shrug* I'm buying from Holt Renfrew... not exactly a boutique. Would that make a difference to how customs treats it?
  8. No, it shouldn't make a difference. Holt's will fill out all of the forms and post them outside the box, and there shouldn't be any reason for them to open the package.
  9. Not sure abt US custom but i bought my DS tote from the chanel boutique in hawaii, but the item was declare as full value. However, i was prepared to pay our local custom taxes, no choice!~
  10. Yes, of course Holt's will declare it at full value. I don't think the customs charges will be too horrible, though.
  11. that's very cruel 30% is a lot!!
  12. I agree, there should be no reason for US customs to open the box if the customs form is filled out correctly.

    I just received a customs charge from FedEx for some sunglasses that I purchased from Italy. The fees were pretty high I thought... $28 on $170 sunglasses. That calculates to about 16%. I wonder if it was higher because they came from Italy.
  13. i once had a chanel bag opened by the customs, but no damage at all. the total amount of taxes and duty to bring stuff into canada is about 25-30%, not sure aqbout the other way around.