Kill, Sex or Marry: Lets Play

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  1. I feel like having some fun. Lets play Kill, Sex or Marry. I will list three random celebrities and the next person to post has to choose one option for each person. Then they list three more people and then repeat.


    Hugh Hefner: Sex
    Don Imus: Kill
    Larry David: Marry

    Your Turn:

    Gary Coleman:
    BeetleJuice From Howard Stern:
    Ozzy Ozborne:
  2. Yay, this sounds fun! Ok --

    Gary Coleman: Sex [cringe]
    BeetleJuice From Howard Stern: Marry
    Ozzy Ozborne: Kill

    Your Turn:

    Bill Clinton:
    Brian McKnight:
    Jack Black:
  3. Bill Clinton: Kill
    Brian McKnight: Sex
    Jack Black: Marry

    Your turn:
    Tom Cruise:
    Tom Hanks:
    Tom Arnold:

    Sorry for having a theme. hehe
  4. You would marry Beetlejuice! OMG! Do you know who that is?? LOL

  5. Tom Cruise:Kill
    Tom Hanks:Marry
    Tom Arnold:Sex

    Jude Law:
    Kevin Federline:
    Richard Simmons:
  6. Lol, actually I dont :/ But I know who Ozzy and Gary are and I didnt want to marry them either, ah!
  7. Jude : marry
    Kevin: DRUNK sex and only becuase I could not be drunk enough ever to have sex with GOOD ol Kill Richard.

    Nick Lachay
    Tim Mcgraw
    Matt Dillion
  8. Jude Law: Marry
    Kevin Federline: sex
    Richard Simmons: kill

    David Letterman
    Sean Penn
    Flava Flave
  9. David Letterman : Marry
    Sean Penn: Sex
    Flava Flave: kill

    Enrique Iglesias
    Ricky Martin
    Justin Timberlake
  10. Nick Lachay : Sex
    Tim Mcgraw : marry ( yea, i think country singers are kinda hot)
    Matt Dillion : Kill

    Edward Scissorhands
    Edward Norton
    Miss Jay (from Americas Next Top Model, you know, the gay judge)

    PS sunshine got skipped so that is why I'm doing hers. Sorry, Chanel4me83!!
  11. Great thread! Excuse me if I won't partake in it, though. :P

    Here is Beetlejuice:


    You are sooo marrying him!

  13. Edward Scissorhands: Sex
    Edward Norton: Marry
    Miss Jay: Kill

    Your Turn:
  14. Watch your womanly jewels, Selena! OUCH lol
  15. ^^^I was about to say ouch, too. lol You'd have to be on top. lol