Kill, Sex or Marry: Lets Play


Jan 26, 2006
I feel like having some fun. Lets play Kill, Sex or Marry. I will list three random celebrities and the next person to post has to choose one option for each person. Then they list three more people and then repeat.


Hugh Hefner: Sex
Don Imus: Kill
Larry David: Marry

Your Turn:

Gary Coleman:
BeetleJuice From Howard Stern:
Ozzy Ozborne:
Jude : marry
Kevin: DRUNK sex and only becuase I could not be drunk enough ever to have sex with GOOD ol Kill Richard.

Nick Lachay
Tim Mcgraw
Matt Dillion
Nick Lachay : Sex
Tim Mcgraw : marry ( yea, i think country singers are kinda hot)
Matt Dillion : Kill

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Norton
Miss Jay (from Americas Next Top Model, you know, the gay judge)

PS sunshine got skipped so that is why I'm doing hers. Sorry, Chanel4me83!!
abandonedimages said:
Lol, actually I dont :/ But I know who Ozzy and Gary are and I didnt want to marry them either, ah!


Here is Beetlejuice:


You are sooo marrying him!