Kill my lemming.... what about the Muse that you don't like!

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  1. I've been eyeing at the Muse... didn't like it at first, thought it was old lady'ish... but somehow, it's beauty grows on me and I'm now lemming for the Large in black patent... I'm still unsure as I don't know if I can live with the stitching coming out which is a 'muse' problem.... but yet, I'm still thinking and eyeing at it whenever I pass by the YSL boutique.... I heard so much about this beauty, now I would like to hear why, if you are one who doesn't like it. Thanks in advance for your thoughts....
  2. I've worn my large chocolate Muse just about every day for a few months now and the stiching hasn't come out.
  3. I felt like you... I love it, no I hate it, no I love it... Then I saw the Rive Gauche and that was it.

    Here are the things I considered about the Muse:
    -quality... threads coming out is a common occurance?? Not for my $1K!
    -popularity (too many celebs have it, which I think instantly dates a bag)
    -fakes... now that it is the must have bag, there are many replicas out there (take that with a grain of salt though, I have a few monogram LV's)
    -opening- the curve of the bag makes it a little tricky to get wide things in and out.
    -shoulder strap... my personal preference is to easily slide the straps on my shoulder, not fight with them until my arm looks like it has a tournaquette on it.

    This is just MHO and I hope in no way diminishes muse owners enjoyment of the bag. It is just a personal preference.
  4. Oh, it's nice to know that you do not have the problem with your Muse.... Gee, I hope I'll be as lucky as you are if I should buy one..... You love your Muse? I'm still debating.... but I kept thinking of getting it...
  5. hi Mlbags! im exactly the same as ya. i do want to get one, but im so afraid of the stitching coming loose, i have been to the ysl boutique in spore to see it twice, and i still cant decide!!:wondering
  6. I have 2 Muses--black and anthracite and no loose stitching on either. I think it depends upon how you wear them. I tend to carry mine by the handles (they're both medium) not over my shoulder, which I think is bulky and therefore they don't rub against my clothing, which I think can add stress to the stitching.
  7. muse...been there done that... personally i don't know what i was thinking. the shape is just sooo wrong on me and it took me so many months to finally realise! plus i hate the straps.
  8. I really love my bag. I never wear it over the shoulder because I'm usually wearing a coat or sweater and it just won't fit. Frankly, I thought that I would grow to not like it because it didn't have a shoulder strap but, surprisingly, that doesn't bother me at all. I really like wearing it over my arm. With 7" handles it easily fits up to the elbow, unlike, for example, LV Speedy handles which are not very long.

    I've always had shoulder bags but I'm really enjoying the change. There is just something about the bag that I like! I recently bought an Hermès Evelyne and thought that I might not want my Muse any more but while I've been carrying (and totally love) the Evelyne, I'm sort of missing carrying my Muse!

    From the pics I've seen I really do like the Rive Gauche though. It has both handles and the shoulder strap, which is very handy. I haven't seen one IRL.
  9. nothing much I hate about my muse except for the weight. This bag is H-E-A-V-Y! I'm serious, if you are planning on a shopping trip, DO NOT bring this bag with you or you'll be sorry!
  10. Gosh, it seems light to me!! Isn't that interesting how two people can have two polar opposites opinions!! :smile: One of the things I noticed about it right away was how light it is. I expected it to be heavy but to me it is light and comfortable to carry! I don't have a lot of things in it ... maybe that is why.
  11. What size is yours? Mine is the over sized and I found it really heavy after dumping my purse, cell phone, comestic pouch and my agenda in.
  12. I owned a Muse for like 2 hours, I was so happy when I got it and when I got home and put my laptop in it , it looked awful: because the bottom is soft, when you put a heavy item in it it shows and IMO it ruins the form of the bag....and well I didn't see the point of getting such a huge bag to carry only a few light things, still love the look though, I'M considering the rive gauche right now...
  13. I don't like it at the first, but I don't hate it now. The thing is Celebrities carrying it that makes the bag looking nicer, but it's really not a big IT bag to me. I think white or metallic one looks better than just black or chocolate. (Most celebs have a white one...that's the proof.) Just my thoughts!
  14. I don't think the Muse was designed for carrying items like laptops. You probably need more support for it in a bag that has a firm bottom. I think the Rive Gauche is even more slouchy than the Muse. I have a Moonsus laptop bag and really love it. Moonsus | Marsus
  15. Hi, mine is the large. I have a cell phone, wallet, cosmetic bag, pouch for holding iPod in mine.