Kill Me Now!

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  1. Sorry to be such a whiner, but... I told my husband about my new obsession with the ZC and the Neiman Marcus sale. Now if you recalled, the only reason why I didn't buy the ZC from the sale was b/c I couldn't find someone to go half with me and I thought my dh would kill me if he found out I bought TWO wallets! Well, turns out... he doesn't understand why I didn't! KICK ME NOW!!!!

    Somebody turn back time! :Push:
  2. It's okay, I'm sure another sale (or an even better sale) will come along soon! Don't worry!!! :smile:
  3. Oh no! :sad: I hate when that happens!! I hope you can find a couple ZCs you like on eBay instead. Good luck!! :flowers:
  4. thanks melly! you know what would make me feel so much better? if you sell me one of yours! ;)
  5. i really really hope so!
  6. it's alright! there are more sales coming up. retail is not doing very well because of the recession (well, non-recession according to the feds), which means more promos for us and the end of may is the start of the summer markdown season. i got some of my first mj bags on sale around that time last year. there's a lot to look forward to. you can start telling your husband about it now, so everyone's prepared. ;)
  7. Oh no! Well, I wouldn't worry about it. Like all the ladies said, there's more sales to come so I'm sure you will find the ZC(s) that is/are perfect for you! :flowers:
  8. Another sale will come along. Hopefully soon!
  9. I'm sure another sale will come up soon! :flowers:
  10. AWWW I know exactly how you feel. Ive down that SOOO many times with whatever items I really wanted and then couldnt find. Like tadpole said, there will be other sales; possibly BETTER sales. just start preppin hubby for that early. Muahaha! :sneaky: :devil:
  11. you'll find one soon....i'm crossing my fingers for can actually find some good buys on ebay.....someone scored a merlot zc for $225, cheaper than the sale, when you add tax!
  12. dont worry snforstuff, like tadpole said, sales are going to start soon and im sure you'll find a zc or two that you like then :smile:
  13. Aww, I'm sorry! At least now that you know what you want/are on the lookout for it, I'm sure you'll score an even better deal on ebay or even during the summer sales!