Kill Me Now: Switching to Balenciaga

  1. OK...I'm doing it...for real this time...I swear to you!
    Almost all LVs are going (taking pictures today)!

    I want to start with the current season...and then eventually buy older colors.

    I glanced at the pre-fall colors.....I like the tomato, ocean, and the dark grey.

    But where is this violet? Is that a F/W?

    Oh me now!

    I *think* I need a twiggy or the medium size (a city?)?

    I am used to carrying speedy 30s and need to be able to fit in:
    2 sets of car keys
    LV wallet
    LV small agenda
    LV makeup accessory bag
    miscellaneous crap (chapstick, gum, receipts, etc.)
    LV cles

    Is it cheaper to buy online? Does aloha rag charge sales tax?
    Do they give you the dustbag & Balenciaga box?

    ACK! Help me out gals!!! Sorry for so many questions...this is actually really daunting to be doing's like I'm cheating on my husband (don't worry my LV gals....I'm still buying something LV too with all the $$)!
  2. :dothewave:YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!:party:

    I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!:heart::nuts::nuts::nuts::heart:

    I think you'd really like the city since I think it's the closest size to the speedy 30. Have you seen Bbags IRL?????
  3. Welcome to Bbags!!! I had a Speedy 30 for about 2 weeks and ended up selling it to someone who would make better use of it. But, here are some pics of the LV with my Sandstone Twiggy, just to give you some perspective on size...


    HTH! Violet Bbags are starting to pop up at Bal retailers. already has them in the City with Silver Giant Hardware (SGH). lovelygarments has a thread with pics of her lovely sure to check them out!

    Aloha Rag charge retail for Bbags, but for as long as you don't live in HI do not charge sales tax nor shipping. Dustbags and boxes are included.

    Let us know which Bbag you decide to get!
  4. My everyday bag was a speedy 30 when I bought my bbag. I told the SA at BalNY my everyday bag was a speedy 30, and she suggested the city. I'm not dissapointed ;)
  5. :supacool:Great move I have to say! once you switch to Balenciaga... LV's just seem to lose their appeal, well they did for me, the smooth, soft and kissable leather of the Blanciaga is very addictive:drool: anyway I say go for a city or even a twiggy, they are big enough to carry everything you need:supacool: welcome to the gang
  6. I used to use an LV 30 and now use a's more than enough you don't feel like your hauling around a suitcase...that's how I felt with my speedy. Congrats.
  7. Wow Twiggers, that's a shock...but welcome to this side too! (BTW, are you still getting your stratus???) Anyhow, I love the City myself. I can fit everything I get into my Speedy into my City. It's the perfect size for me. I also like the Twiggy, though I don't have one yet. But it seems very spacious as well!!! Good luck and can't wait too see pics!!! :heart:
  8. Oh and Aloha Rag does give you a box and dustbag, and they don't charge you tax if you are outside of Hawaii. =)
  9. ^^ ACK, with a name like "twiggers", you definitely need a twiggy girl!!!'s your namesake & i think it would be the perfect size for you...i just ordered one for below retail from :graucho:...welcome to the madness, once you go bal, you'll never go back!!! :okay:
  10. Welcome to the bBag thread... where you will find yourself lusting over a bag.. then another, then another... need I say more? :p
  11. ITA! :tup:
  12. Welcome to the bbag madness! Violet w/RH should be coming in in about a month or so (spoke to Daphne @ BalNY over the weekend). As others have said, the SGH ones are available at some retailers now!

    Can't wait to see what you wind up with!
  13. I am in SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!! I also switched over recently, and my 1st Balenciaga purchase was a red First. I love it, but I am also used to carrying my mono 30 and the First is a little too small. I think the City is a perfect 1st BBag for you! Congrats, and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh My God Twiggers!!! You TRAITER!!! Lol, just like me!!!
    I have sold my neo fuschia and my saleya azur is on sale too, the only LV i have now is my speedy and mini pochette.
    I am just in :heart: with Bal.

    I just never thought you would come over to the leather side!! I mean, Stephen, Stratus, whats going on??!?

    Yay Naomi, soo happy for you!! I am getting the violet city, i think i will be getting that over the mirage speedy!

    Soo happy!! Were getting quite a few converts now! Just sad that you have missed our RAOK xx
  15. Hey Twiggers!!!! I'm in here since January 2007 - WELCOME!!! :yahoo:

    I would recommend a city for you. It fits at least as much as a speedy and has a more practical shape IMO (and I have 3 speedies lol).
    Violet is a new Fall color which has just come out last week (waitlists everywhere but still available). The dark grey you mention would be steel.

    Have fun, BBags are addictive...