Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2

  1. What do you think of it? I LOVE both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. I think Taratino did the right thing by separating them into two movies.:yes:
  2. Honestly, they are two of my all-time favorite movies!! :heart: I can watch them over and over!
  3. I love Kill Bill 1 & 2!!!
  4. eew.... sorry but i'm not a fans of kill bill... kill bill 1 was ok, but i like "ichi the killer" japanese movie that's kinda inspired tarantino in making kill bill.
    kill bill 1 is ok, but i think kill bill 2 is tooo much.
    i love his old works like pulp fiction and reservoir dogs better.
  5. That black mamba scene in Vol. 2 . . . . *shudder*

    But I liked the first better than the second. (My favorite part was that crazed Japanese schoolgirl!)

    I normally don't like really bloody movies, but there's so much blood in both 1 and 2, you kind of get desensitized to it at some point.
  6. Love them ! And the fact that I've got the same name as the main character is brilliant.. :graucho:
  7. I didn't see them until they came out on DVD. I heard about the bleeped out first name of The Bride. I couldn't stand the suspense so I looked up the name ahead of time!
  8. this movie kicks butt, i loved everything about it. :yahoo:
  9. OH i love them!!! Tarantino did a great job indeed!
  10. loved them...a bit on the gory side, but good. kudos to uma and tarantino!
  11. Kill Bill is awesome!

    I like 1 better than 2...1 has more action while 2 is more talking.
  12. Love.
  13. I love both!!!!
  14. I hope I don't scare anybody when I said I didn't get bothered by the blood at all. The reason for this is that I feel that Tarantino had meant to go grossly overboard with it to the point that it was unreal. The whole film (the part 1) was done in a way that reminds me of Japanese manga or anime where the blood scenes are often overdone. It's almost a bit tongue in cheek and very stylized.

    I thought it was a good idea that Tarantino split the movie in two. The first installment is full of actions whereas the second installment is more philosophical and emotional. The first installment got the audience going with the actions and such, that left them wanting more. The second installment gave the audience a more in depth look at each character.

    I really like the character development of some of the characters. I thought Elle Driver was very interesting. She was cunning, stunning, and clever. Bill was still the best though. I felt kind of bad for Bill though. Oh, Gogo Yubari is pretty cool as well, from what I read ... She was supposed to have a younger sister (played by the girl who played Mitsuko in "Battle Royale") but that part was cancelled because the actress' schedule was filled. Actually, Tarantino picked Chiaki to play Gogo Yubari after he had seen "Battle Royale" where she played Takako the runner). The girl who played Mitsuko was also in "Battle Royale".
  15. Technically it's one movie. (That's why it's named 'Volume' and not 'Part'). He had to separate it because of the length.
    Anyways, I love it. It was my favorite movie until Sin City came out. A strong female lead, kicking butt all in the revenge (or love) depending on how you look at it.