Kilala's Collection

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  1. I'm soooo excited to have found this forum! What a great group! :smile:

    This is my budding collection. I love them all dearly.
    Coach Group May 2007.jpg
  2. Great Coach Collection :yes:
  3. I love your Coach collection!
  4. Lovely Coach's.. I really like that Khaki Satchel in the center.
  5. Love the coaches!
  6. Thank you to everyone! I've been on a shopping binge this week. (blame it on this forum *wink*) So, I'll be posting all kinds of new goodies soon!
  7. Love the hot pink Coach!
  8. Nice collection- love the burgundy Coach!
  9. Great Coach collection!! thanks for sharing.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Your purse collection will grow 10 fold lol! Love your collection :smile:
  11. love your coach!!!
  12. Great collection!
  13. :yahoo: New items I purchased this week!!! :yahoo:

    Carly Signature Cotton Wristlet - OMGosh! It's a baby Carly! ;)

    Straw Motif Demi – Bumblebees and flowers always make me smile! :yes:

    Hamptons Signature Denim Wristlet - Killer Macy's find! Couldn't pass it up.

    Last - a few key fobs and cell phone lanyards to help add some character to my existing bags. Although, I'm not sure if I can use all of them...maybe I'll give them to friends.
    LegacyCottonSignatureWristlet.jpg StawMotifDemi.jpg HamptonsSignatureDenimWristlet.jpg CoachGroup2.jpg
  14. Cute! Love the hot pink!
  15. Lovely collection! :heart: