Kiki for me?!

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  1. Oh my, when I first saw this bag in the catalog I was in love. I want it badly you guys =[.. but I dont know if its for me! I love the Kiki in white, I tried it on today and it looks greaaaaaaaaat on me. I havent gotten anything from Coach since my Bridget =[ (I've been on a Balenciaga and LV kick). I think I might get it, but then again, im thinking that it will go to the Outlets in a couple months?! hahaha right now I also want an LV red epi speedy.

    What are your opinions on this bag?
  2. I say go for it! I love this bag a lot, it is HOT!

    Ok, that being said, it may go to the outlets. But if you really love it I wouldn't take the chance.
  3. I think this bag is a lot of fun.

    I don't think I could personally pull off the fringe, but it is a really cool bag!
  4. I say go for it!! I have it and love it!:tup:
  5. Go for it! They have a white Kiki at my store and I tried it on and fell in love! You could totally rock that bag!
  6. I'm SO hot for this bag too, but I'm not a huge fan of the white one. I just saw the saddle in the store today and almost walked out with it instead of my Bridgit!! It is GORGEOUS, and I could totally see myself wearing it...but...I feel it is so trendy that it will make it to the outlets very shortly. I'm also not sure it's worth $600 to me. However, that said, I do know the stock is low for the saddle. Not sure about the white! If you really like it, then you might want to check stock before deciding for sure! I say make sure you get what you love!! Good luck!!
  7. I'd wait for it to show up at the outlets or ebay- you'll save at least a third off the retail price.
  8. Man, I want it now, but I think I might wait... till it gets to the outlets, how many months will that be?
  9. It's hot, it's trendy, yet classic. Check stock!!!!

  10. You never know! It depends on how it's selling....sometimes it can show up right away at the outlets (after being pulled off the website), and sometimes not for months. The Legacy Leigh colors showed up almost instantly at the outlet, but for other things it takes time.
  11. I heard it's on it's way to the outlets...
  12. The Kiki is one of my dream bags, but I would use it so rarely, that I'm hoping I can find a good deal on it at the outlets sometime in the future. Go for it, you'll love it!
  13. Oh, I'd like the Kiki if I could find it at the outlets.
  14. If you love it, buy it!