kika or ernesta?

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  1. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Kika and Ernesta(non-platform)? The only thing I can detect is the heel's height on the Ernesta seems taller.... Also, can someone tell me how the Kika's fits? I did a search, but couldn't come up with any concrete information on the Kika's sizing. Thanks!!

    Here's a link to what I believe is the kika.....
  2. Kika: T-strap version of Yoyo
    Ernesta: the T-strap version of NP
  3. I just got two pairs of the Kika' in beige patent & one in a beautiful coral patent. They feel great on...I normally wear a US 8 1/2 and I got these in a 9.
  4. My Ernestas are a half size up from my "normal" size. The heel is much narrower on the Ernesta than on the NP.

    Posting my red Ernestas for the second time today: :shame:

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