1. I have always admired Barry Kieselstein-Cord's bags--you really don't have to worry too about about fakes. I am keeping my eyes out for just the right one. Any other admirers out there?

  2. First time to hear the name, do you have the pics of their bags? Love to check on them.
  3. never heard of it :p
    could u post some pics?
  4. I love the top handle bag made out of alligator with the little alligator shaped feet. I'm not as crazy about their plain leather bags though, although I do like that they are not bags that I see everywhere.
  5. Love them! Have you seen the belts & sunglasses? Excellent quality!
    Don't like his exwifes stuff - sold under CeCe Cord.
    The Bellagio gift shop is the only place I know to get them other than his boutique in NYC.
  6. I like the bags.
  7. The ultra-luxe croc w/the feet and fabulous hardware is just wonderful-I have been an admirer for a looong time (not all of it, but some of it is incredible design, IMO
  8. I have Kieselstein Cord sunglasses and always get compliments on them.

    I remember Samantha on SATC wearing a lot of KC accessories. I've never seen any of their bags IRL but I'm sure they would be of good quality.
  9. I have a BKC belt and have always loved their bags. They just opened a new store a block from my house but i haven't even gone in yet. I like their formal bags much more than the casual stuff (like the feed bags).

    I agree. It's great to have a bag that's very nice and not copies all over the place. However, they had their ra-ras in the 90s.
  10. I had the sunglasses, but lost them. I wish I had a "lo-jack" for them. Aside from my Chanel, LV, etc. passions, I also like bags that are "works of art". I used to have a number of "Ann Turk" bags (very much like K-C), and I have a few Lalique bags. I love the Laliques, but oh, so small.
  11. Yes I love them, I have three but the one I really want is the larger trophy bag in black with the classic gator hardware (as opposed to the more modern smoother gator).

    I also would like that old braided leather jewelry with the toad, but it is probably impossible to find by now.

    Or the dog bags? Are they still out? I would love to have one with the poodle on it.

    Have you ever seen any of CeCe Cord's collection Travels with Tiger, I heard about it but never saw it.
  12. Love Kiesel Cord bags. Here is their classic trophy bag:
  13. Yep that is it. I have wanted one for years it seems. Do you know where I can get one?
  14. Did you try looking at Bergdorf's? I know that they carry the jewelry and belts.

    I have an old patent bag that I love. Good luck finding one.
  15. If you're close enough to go to Bergdorf's, you might want to check out K.C. itself, located on Madison at 80th. And yes I have several bags + sunglasses and love them.