Kiera Knightly Donates her LV

  1. Hi gals! I'm a Coach girl but I came across this on one of my Celeb gossip site and wanted to see if you have seen it yet! Below is the posting pasted for your reading pleasure:


    Keira Knightley must wake up in the morning and piss excellence. The girl is a young hot Hollywood princess. She gets to tongue Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp while being paid for it. Then she struts around red carpets looking fabulous and gets away with swearing like a sailor because of her accent.
    She is also good at sharing. In what I deem to be a somewhat selfless act, Ms. Knightley has donated her Louis Vuitton denim monogrammed bag to eBay. The profits from the bag will got to Comic Relief. The Foundation aims to rid the world of poverty by raising funds and educating the masses. March 16th marks UK's "Red Nose Day," which is a fundraising event that takes place every 2 years.
    The limited edition bag goes on sale today. It is one of only 2 handbags in the WORLD with the particular design. Keira has also autographed he bag's handle. It will be on the market for 10 days for your bidding pleasure.
  2. thats great! i wonder who will buy it though! I mean you wouldn't be able to use it, well i wouldn't anyway!
  3. That's great for her! I love when celebrities do charity work or donate.
  4. Nice bag!! She's awesome!
  5. its got 5 days & 20 hours left. its at £360 with reserve not met?
    now, its it me or does that seem like a cheek? Not only have they got the bag for free, they want to make sure no one gets it 'cheap'? Its not like its not going to go for crazy money now is it? with all the advertising its getting.

    it just strikes me as a little odd to put a reserve on it.
  6. there were a lot more than 2 of those made, heck there are more than two in this forum! Nice of her donate it, I hope it does well.
  7. So how much is this bag worth retail then? I'm dying to know! =D
  8. Great bag, love her! I would do the same or more if I was a celeb..
  9. OMG it says only two made but more than two are available from LV haha, also I wouldnt buy it because its been wrote on. Sorry Red nose day.
  10. Very sweet of her to donate-
  11. 1 000Ł
    1370 euro
  12. She wrote on it!! i know thats what they are using to make it sell , but i mean SHE WROTE ON IT. i want it but not with writing onit.Couldnt she have signed the dust cover or something ? :smile: well all in the name of charity right? :smile:

    It's good to see some celebs donating their stuff. They have so much they probly don't use i mean if paris hilton or Brad pitt put something on there that they never used even like a sock or something someone would buy that let alone buy it for charity

  13. Thats just what I was thinking! Why ON the bag? :crybaby:
  14. :push: do you think if you took it to the Lv store they would exchange it ? :smile: Its a very pretty bag , I hope it goes to a good home.
  15. thanks for sharing!