Kiehls vs. Mario Badescu

  1. which line do you think has better skincare?
  2. i personally like kiehls better. i've had better results using their line
  3. i have never tried Kiehls.. but Mario has been very good to me.. id find it hard to try a different product when the Mario stuff i have now is fabulous... i have tried everything.. and Mario just seems to do the job everytime.. :heart:
  4. LOVE kiehls~!!
  5. Kiehl's! I'm actually a VIP in the one in Singapore! Hee.
  6. I like kiehls, i tried MB too but i found they are too drying and I dont like the texture of their product.

    My fav is kiehl's gentle foaming cleanser, lip balm !!
  7. I love Kiehl's!!!
  8. i love MB moisturizers esp the drying mask.....

    i love kiehl's for their lip balms, the baby lip balm in particular......
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