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Feb 20, 2006
hi there ... as you can tell I am looking new skincare lines to try..
how about this one ... anyone like it .. someone told me their face scrub was good ?? any personally experience ?? thanks.
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A Dude
Sep 18, 2010
Southwest USA
I regularly use Kiehl's and have tried many of their products, including items from their Blue Herbal, Rare Earth, Dermatologist Solutions, and Creme de Corps collections. The products actually WORK, unlike other brands I have tried (namely ZIRH, which was horrible for me). I also like that the items I have tried do not have obnoxious scents, and that they are priced reasonably well. Gotta love their packaging too!

I highly recommend asking your local Kiehl's counter for a consultation (I've heard about and have had great experiences at the Neiman Marcus locations) and then get samples of what they recommend for you. Explore their website too. Also, there are many great gift sets available for sale right now, which would make for a really nice way for you to try out the products.

As for face scrub...are you talking about the pineapple papaya one? I have very sensitive skin, so I just use a I am afraid I cannot help you there.
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Jul 10, 2008
I love Kiehl's! I've used many of their products and I have yet to try one I was not happy with. For facial products, I love their lip balm, the pineapple-papaya scrub (smells amazing, exfoliates well and is not too harsh) and also the Ultra facial moisturizer. I also like their lip glosses and the tinted moisturizer. They have nice packaging and their prices are quite reasonable for the amount of product you receive. I agree, their products actually do what they advertise.

My husband has also used several of their shaving and facial products - I think mainly the Blue line - for men and has been very pleased.

I would really recommend visiting a Kiehl's counter if you can. They give out nice size samples, so you can try the products.
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