Kiehls Lancome Clarins....what's your favorite line?

  1. So I've been using Kiehls and I'm considering changing to Lancome or Clarins. I like Kiehls but I feel like there might be something better out there. Have any of you ladies tried all 3 lines and if so what's your favorite? Or does anyone have a preference out of the 3?
  2. Oh i love Kiehls.
  3. Kiehls is my favorite of the three. For reference, I have sensitive, combination skin which doesn't respond well to the other popular dept. store products. I use different creams depending on the time of day or how "thirsty" I think my skin is. Have you tried the RoC brand? It's a French skin care line available in most drugstores. In my skin care drawer I have: Kiehls, RoC, La Roche Posay, Alba Organics and Nivea.
  4. I don't really have a favourite line. It really depends on the product. Each line has products that just stand out from the rest.
  5. I use some Clarins products and it's OK. No comments for Lancome as I allergic to some of its products.

    Sisley is my favorite at this time.
  6. Both Kiehl's and Lancome are made by L'Oreal, so there shouldn't be a huge difference, at least ingredients-wise.I personally prefer Lancome.