Kiehl's Hair Products

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  1. I recently discovered that Kiehl's has a line of hair products, and I would love to hear more about, recommendations, etc. I like the sound of the Superbly Smoothing Argan collection, and the Olive Fruit Oil collection looks pretty good, too. Any experiences to share about Kiehl's hair products?
  2. i haven't used the oil because i prefer pure argan oil, but i use the shampoo and hair pak from the argan line. i LOVE both, but have found out the hair pak makes the biggest difference. i've used the conditioner with different shampoos and had the same results, but i need the deep conditioner for my hair to look great. it has become far manageable and needs hardly any product even when air drying.

    i have also used the silk groom for years (probably a decade now). i always come back to it even after trying several similar products on the market because silk groom makes your hair look so naturally shiny and healthy, not greasy or phony like other smoothing/shine products. i also love that silk groom can be used on wet or dry hair.
  3. Thanks, canada's! The argan collection is the one I was looking at the most, so I'm glad to hear good reviews. How often do you use the hair pak? I was thinking of buying all three- shampoo, conditioner, and pak- and using the pak maybe once a week?

    The silk groom sounds great, too. Hopefully I can get some samples from the store!
  4. I use the Olive Fruit Oil shampoo and the conditioner with coconut oil.

    LOVE them both...the scents are amazing. My hair is thick and very heavily highlighted I use my GHD styler to smooth it daily. The Kiehls products are superb and they are very concentrated...stuff really lasts :tup:
  5. I havent used the Keihl's Argan line yet, but they have a great restorative mask that I love. Its really good if your hair needs to be repaired from color processes or perms. I do know that argan oil is really great for the hair due to its regenerative properties. It has the ability to repair hair and provide shine and a smooth appearance to hair without being heavy or greasy...I bought some pure argan oil and used it as part of a hot oil treatment that I mix up at home.
  6. I have been using Kiehl's hair products for years. My favorites are Olive Fruit Shampoo, Amino acid shampoo (for summer), and currently I am using the shampoo and conditioner with Argan oil. I am really loving the Argan line. It smells great and just leaves the hair shiny and silky. I highly recommend it.
  7. Thanks for the reviews, everyone! The argan collection sounds like a winner! I wish I could try everything they have, though; it all sounds really good.