Kiehls face moisturizer??

  1. I am looking for a new face moisturizer and I was thinking of Kiehls. If anyone uses there products can you give me feedback. Do you like it? What moisturizer of there's are you using? I really like that they don't test there products on animals.
  2. I've used the foaming non-detergent facial cleanser, ultra facial moisturizer, the rosewater toner, and my lips are completely addicted to the lip balm #1. I obviously like the brand very much, mostly because they are really no frills. No weird fragrances or colors, everything just feels good on the skin. Thumbs up for me!
  3. The only Kiehl's product I use is the pineapple-papaya facial scrub....I really love it. My skin feels so soft after I use it.

    I definitely want to try more of their products down the road...I love their location in South Beach....great selection!
  4. I have Kiehl's facial moisturizer. It was OK. No big whoop. I bought two bottles and then switched.
  5. I have to agree with coachwife6. I am a total beauty addict, and this line did nothing for me. If you live near a Costco, their new Borghese line of skincare is cheap and it is pretty good!!
  6. exactly as the other poster. i love that it is no fragrance and simple. i use their lip balm and their moisturizer. it sinks in well and leaves my skin ultra smooth. however, the kiehls saleslady said herself that kiehls is not for intensive treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. she recommended that you switch off between kiehls and a product for wrinkles
  7. I use a bunch of their stuff. I have sensitive skin. I love it b/c it's very light, no perfumey smells, and it has never irritated my skin. The best thing about them is that they'll give you tonnes of free samples to try to see which you like the best. When I stock up I walk out with one back of products and another bag filled with free samples. Love the stuff.
  8. I the Creme de Corps body moisturizer and I love it.
  9. Now, I do like their body lotion. I can't remember the name, but it's yellow.
  10. hmmm. I have never used thier face or beauty stuff. BUt i do use thier hair stuff and I LOVE IT. hehehe.
  11. Their Abyssine eye cream won Allure's best. I can't say I've noticed a difference, although it goes on soft and smooth and it's not greasy. Here's the rest of Allure's list, interesting that many products are drugstore:
    Allure : beauty : best
  12. kiehl's face moisturizer is not that good. i know all the mags say models use it, and they do. but when you are 15-19 years old your skin looks good if you put gasoline on it. it's just a basic moisturizer. body products are better. for the face i rely on more serious face creams. But i'm in my mid 30's and my skin might demand different things than yours.
  13. Im 25 turning 26 in 5 days. What kind of face cream do you uthink I should start using? I really need help. I want something that works and I don't want to waste money on a product if it doesn't show results. At 25 should I start using eye creams as well.
  14. I love Kiehl's!! I have used everything from La Mer to Elemis to L'oreal, and my most favourite products are the Kiehl's Centella Skin Salve (moisturizer), and the Avocado eye cream.
  15. happy early birthday! hehe

    if you aren't using sunscreen already, you should def. start. SPF 30 is what i use on top of my day cream (i use Lancome...they have a great line) and eye cream. I started using basic moisturizer at age 12 daily. I started using eye cream at age 16. It helps to start early!!

    oh, def. get a nightcream that repairs and hydrates your skin while you sleep. i use lancome but i hear that the elizabeth arden 8-hour cream works wonders too.

    hope that helps!