Kiehl's Dog Shampoo and Conditioner!

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  1. I want to let everyone know about this great new product. My doxie Millie, has been having a bad time with allergies and dry skin. She has been on 2 different meds with poor results. Poor little thing was itching, was up all night itching, so uncomfortable it was heart breaking. So, I read about the Kiehl's product and that it has chamomile (sp) and is soap free, so I thought I would give it a try. I bathed her Saturday at 3 in the after noon...and...SHE HAS NOT ITCHED SINCE!! I guess maybe her skin was dry and irritated like ours gets. I am so impressed with this product I am going to write Kiehls corporate. Just wanted to share!!:yes:
  2. Thanks for the info! Good to know since I will be a puppy mom this fall.
  3. Thanks for the review! In the summer, my dogs itch all the time too! I will try this out.
  4. That's great! I didn't realize kiehl's made pet care products. I usually use soap-free & herbal shampoos (Bioderm) unless she needs some deep cleaning from mud or grass stains. She's had itchy skin though, so it's not as crucial. I still stay away from anything unnatural. I was looking at the label on one shampoo and there was some ingredient listed that had a warning it was known to cause cancer...who would even buy that when there are great shampoos out there that don't have dangerous ingredients??
  5. Thanks for the info. Do they have a website that you can buy from??
  6. Thanks for the review!

    Is it tear-free?
  7. Thanks for the info! I have been meaning to try this on my Chi. They sell it at Nordstrom and also Neiman's online and instore.


    but the site is sold out, if you go to the website you can do a store search and have then send it.

  9. Yes, I washed my doxies faces. They love spa day.
  10. I'm reviving this thread b/c I just ordered the whole set tonight (the shampoo, conditioner and between bath spray) and its hard to find reviews on the web. Is anyone else loving these products? Im so excited to get them in the mail and rub a dub dub my little guy!!
  11. I'm glad you like it - I bought it and tried it a couple of times, and I can't stand it. It smells so good in the bottle -- but once your dog gets dry, the smell is non-existent. It also doesn't suds up really well... I didn't find that it cleaned my dogs as well as other shampoos do. Now I just buy stuff at the feed store..... but I'm glad it works for you! (It is soap free, so it definitely should relieve itching)

    There's a soap free, tear free line that I LOVE - but I just can't remember the name. They have the in between bath spray too - I'll have to go look at the bottle. I like anything that doesn't "wash away" the Frontline Plus!
  12. Thanks IrishGal!

    I wonder if they do samples of it like they do with their human products?

  13. That is a really good question. Do you have a store near you?
  14. ^Yup! I am going to stop in at my local Nordstrom tomorrow and ask.

    I LOVE Kiehl's b/c they have the BEST samples!! :smile:

    I will let you guys know!
  15. my yorkie has been using this since she got it for Xmas and it's the best. i love the smell and i did notice that she's not as itchy and flakey as she was before.

    they have it at major department stores... we got ours from neiman.

    anyone try the "spritz-n-spray"?