Kiehl's coupons?

  1. Does anyone have any? Thank you.
  2. I don't have a coupon code but I do have a Kiehl's tidbit to share that was news to me. I recently discovered they offer a recycling program. If you return 3 empty jars/bottles to their store you can receive ANY product up to a certain ounce (maybe 6oz???) for free. I recently returned an empty small jar of face cream and 2 empty eye cream jars to receive a HUGE moisturizer valued at almost $70 for free. They couldn't have been nicer either.
  3. :yahoo: Wow, thanks for sharing! :yahoo:

    ....I will definitely have to remember that, too bad I thrown away the empties in the past - i do have one body cleanser that is just about empty, I will hold on to that one for sure!!!

  4. Wow. Thanks. I'm going to keep that in mind. :flowers:
  5. really??? i heard about that once too, but when i called up kiehls in georgetown (i guess this was back in october??) they said it was offered in april of last year for earth day, and that was it...hmm...i'm going to give them a call up now and see if anything has changed. i'd love to try out the new biological peel!
  6. I took my empty bottles in late last year and didn't get anything for them. I think it was a special promotion.