Kiehl's 20% off Friend & Family Code

  1. Even though this is through my company's intranet site, it worked last year so I'm sharing it again with my fellow tPFers!

    Enjoy 20% OFF at the Kiehls Friends & Family Sale at Click on the GO SHOP button and enter code FRIDAY at checkout. Offer begins November 23 and ends November 26, 2007.

    Employees can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75 or more at Offer cannot be combined with any other discount, incentive, or rebate and is valid only on orders originating from the GO SHOP button below.

    Click GO SHOP and enter coupon code KIEHL at checkout for FREE SHIPPING.
  2. I remember this last year!
  3. Thanks.
  4. i'm waiting for this one, thank you for posting!!
  5. thanks for posting - love kiehls!
  6. will the Kiehl's store at SCP give F&F 20% discount as well?? tks ^^
  7. It's online only.
  8. randr21,
    thank you. ^^:tup:
  9. Thank you sooo much!! I've been waiting for someone to post this.
  10. My DH loves Kiehl's, thanks for posting!
  11. Thank you so much! I LOVE their dog shampoos & conditioner, it's the best one I've tried on my malteses & shih-tzu.
  12. thanks alot!
  13. ACKKKKKK! Its not working for me. no discount comes up. help!?
  14. Can "Friday" and "KIEHL" be used together?
  15. Thanks