Sep 19, 2006
I thought you all might find this funny. My son told me today that "Mom, your purse is broken." So of course I am freaking out thinking what is wrong with my bag. I am checking it all over thinking did the tassel come off, did it rip, is there a stain on it..ect Look for a moment can't find anything so I ask him what is he talking about. He told me "Mom, the zipper is coming off the bag." I had to tell him that is the way the City bag is made. :roflmfao:
I know where you're coming from meemie. My husband was taking a pic of me today after my black Twiggy arrived. As soon as he finished snapping the photo, my son runs over to me and starts twirling around so he could play with the tassels. After my initial scream of horror, I giggled. It was cute and a little frightening at the same time.

It's true what they say - Kids Say the Darnedest Things.:roflmfao:
I told my daughter how much my Fendi Spy cost.
She pretended to faint and then said VERY seriously....
"Well I suppose it's because it's so delicate? Delicate things always cost, like, WAY more."
She's five.