1. Would it bother you if someone who was into you had kids? I'm asking because this guys likes me and I kind of like him too, but he has a 5 year old. :wtf: :yucky: So, would kids be a deal breaker for you? Oh, in case you're wondering I'm 19 and he's 24.
  2. ^If you care about the person enough..It shouldnt matter.Period!
  3. ^^ agreed
  4. ^ third that.

    however, at your age, i would think carefully about getting into a relationship where a child is involved for everyone's sake. not to say you're not responsible enough, but if you are going to be involved in the child's life at all, i would make sure i want this for the long-term because i don't think it would be good for the child to have different women coming and going in his life, you know? and also, dating someone who has a child will mean the child comes first in terms of scheduling and priorities (like breaking a date because the child feels a little sick, is having a really bad night, etc.)

    just be sure what you're getting yourself into and if you still want to, then no, i don't think it should matter if he has a child.
  5. Well said:heart:
  6. Yes, very well said.

    I met my DH when I was 24 and he was 29, so we were older than you are...I had a 3 year old, so thankfully, he was willing to take us as a package deal.
  7. I love kids so i wouldn't care. Otherwise, like others said, if you love him enough it really shouldn't matter.
  8. Although I adore children, I work with children, I know for sure I do not want any of my own nor do I want to help raise anyone elses. So yes, for me, it would be a deal-breaker. I know it sounds rather selfish but I never even consider any man with children as an option for a partner. I would also fear the consequences of growing close to a child then having the relationship sour. You have to "break-up" with the child too. I am satisfied being a fabulous auntie to five nieces and nephew.
  9. Thanks for the advice all. I was just gabbing to my friend about it on the phone. I think for now he'll just be a friend.
  10. O/t Kymmie I love your icon. Hello Kitty is just fab!
  11. Just based on the negative emoticons you chose to use, no, I do not think YOU are ready for a relationship w/ a man that has a child.
    If anyone ever used those 3 smileys when referring to my 5 yr old I'd pretty much cut them from my list anyhow.
  12. :yes: I think I am too immature for kids.
  13. Kids are a definite deal breaker for me... I've always felt that way. I'm around your age(20) and I definitely wouldn't date a guy who had kids.
  14. LOL I am too, and I'm 24 :lol: I couldn't imagine myself with kids.

    For your age, I think it would be a bit much to get involved with someone who has kids. You're still growing, experiencing new things in college and in life in general, and I think dating someone more on the same wavelength as you would probably be better :smile:
  15. :flowers: Thanks for putting it like that. It made a lot of sense. :smile:
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