Kids vs Coach

  1. People with kids (especially girls!!) how do you balance shopping for things you want/need with setting a good example about money and reasonable shopping habits for your kids?

    I have a 9 month old baby girl, Samantha, and she is already a purse snob. ;) I'm only half joking. I gave her an old gap purse to play with because she is always after my coach bags, but she doesn't want the one I gave her, she wants the nice ones to chew on and take things out of.

    I love me some nice purses, but I also need to balance that with teaching her how to manage money, and how to respect a nice item (clothing, shoes, purses, toys, computers, whatever.)

    I'm also not looking forward to sharing my closet full of purses for dress-up games. At least not until she's old enough to appreciate my stuff and take care of it (when she's like 21?) Haha. How do you all feel about this? What happens when kids are older?
  2. Sorry..I am no help...but WHEW! I have all boys and your post just made me take a huge sigh of relief since I now realize I will have to do no sharing of the bags! BWUAHAHAHA!!!!Mine all mine!!
    I sincerely do hope you get some good answers on here though from mamas w/daughters. Everyone here is so nice!
  3. I bought my daughter 2 of the most adorable Dooney & Bourkes. I don't let her see all of my Coach purchases for fear of setting a bad example, but she comes with me shopping and is always telling me I don't need another purse!!! I started savings accounts for both of my children. They must deposit 25% of whatever they earn or receive as gifts, and we go over their statements every month so they can learn about interest and saving. I do worry about the effect my spending habits have on my children, but we are very tight when it comes to turning off the lights and water, wearing hand-me-downs, and they do chores to earn money. So I think they are learning a fairly good lesson about money.
  4. As long as the bills are getting paid and you are setting aside money for retirement and the kids' educations, then you are setting a great example about money. A good example about money is being responsible, not never buying any luxuries.

    I have a 3 year old dd, and I bought her an inexpensive Target purse. Sometimes she loves to carry it, and sometimes she leaves it in the wagon outdoors. Either way, no harm done. But she may not have or play with mine.

    Setting boundaries is what being a parent is all about, so it isn't difficult at all to explain that those are mommy's bags and that she may not play with them. Likewise, she has costume jewelry she may play with, but real is out of the question. There are pots and pans and lids she may play with, but the blender is out of the question.

    You NEVER need to share your closet with her unless you want to. In the meantime, just weed out the items that you otherwise would have donated and let her have those for dress-up, and allow her to borrow or buy her a nice bag when you think she is ready for the responsibility.
  5. My girls have bank accounts. The rec'v $ from Grandparents birthdays/christmas, etc., They know thinGs cost money, that we work for money. They see the "stuff" they don't realize how $. but they also see see how I care for my things. Parents want better for their kids and so do I. Quality means longevity (except for the unforseen or things we can't control). You just have to teach them the reality of things. As you go about your day to day, tell them the "whys" about life.

    Remember FRUIT DOESN'T FALL TOO FAR FROM THE TREE! Little girls are little girls. I have three. If you had a target purse, she would want to play with that too. They are emulating you, just be the kind of person you want her to become!
  6. Well I have 3 teenage Girls, I buy( on sale name brand) school clothes early for the next year, And start Christmas shopping in August! They get Name brand stuff including purses for x-mas , birthday's and rewards for honor roll. If they want something they have to work for it and save their own cash. If I want a new bag or something I also save, but my Dear Hubby is always on the look out for gifts for me.....X-mas, B-day, Mother's Day, and Valentine's. but All bills must be paid and have extra emergency cash left in our budget then we decide what we need and can afford to spend without going into our savings. (+ I also have 3 boys)
  7. Good points, all. I don't have a lot of perspective here, because Sami is my first and she's still pretty much an infant. But you're right about setting boundaries, and also right about saving for retirement and education, both of which we do (albeit via automatic deposits, so it isn't like those will be tangible to her... ever.)

    Thanks for sharing your perspectives here.