Kids that don't live in your hood-trick or treating..

  1. I was listening to KROQ ( So cal station) just this morning before getting to work, some dude was talking about how he is so against kids who are not from his neighborhood to trick to treat. I was a little annoyed/angry hearing his nasty remarks. He was saying how kids from the "lower income" hoods should stay in their hoods, and stay out of his since it's BETTER.

    What is YOUR opinion on having parents drop their kids off in NICER neighhborhoods to get candy?

    Sometimes it not as safe in theirs and they just prefer to Trick or Treat in the nicer/safer places. (?)

    I never listen to this radio station, but came across it this morning . This guy seemed so prejudice b/c he was stereo typing certain types of people in the 10 mins that I was listening.
  2. That is the most awful thing I've heard in a long time. First, parents will take there kids where they think their kids are SAFE. Second, a lof the "poorer" neighborhoods may not have many places to trick or treat! Plus, it's not only the poor kids that get 'transplanted'. For instance, we live in townhomes and MANY people here don't give out treats. So, we just drive a mile to where there are tons of homes that give out candy and go there.

    I wish parents would walk with their kids instead of dropping them off though.
  3. i agree..

    im sure there are parents who walk their kids too, so thats a good thing.
  4. I know, I've heard people in the office complain about that too! I think its silly myself. I mean maybe there aren't many houses in their neighborhood? I know where my mom lives most of the houses shut their lights off. So maybe these kids find another area to go. Or maybe they have a friend that lives in the neightborhood. Some people just like to complain about everything!
  5. I remember going to better neighborhoods to trick or treat as a kid. You know, I wouldn't even know if the kids knocking on my door lived in the neighborhood or not. What bothers me is teens & adults trick or treating & especially when they cant even dress up. On another forum I visit there was a heated discussion about whether or not teens should trick or treat/what age should kids stop going. I stopped at 11....
  6. This happens a lot in my neighborhood. Families will drive at least 20 miles up here and seriously drop off a mini-bus of kids. It doesn't bother me though. It's much safer for them up here, and every child is entitled to candy and fearless fun on Halloween!!
  7. My parents always walked with me! But we stayed in my neighborhood. I'm not against going to better neighborhoods to trick-or-treat. These are kids, for Jebus' sake, let them have fun!
  8. That's horrible! It should be all about the kids!

    We give out light necklaces instead of candy, so we always get a ton of kids. Usually about 300-400 if it's a week might. 500+ if it is a weekend. Our record year was just over 750.

    Who cares where the came from, enjoy their happiness is what I think.

    I do have a pet peeve about kids not in costume though...if they are not in costume, I don't give them a necklace...if they are little they still get candy...but if they are older, nothing.

    My husband said, are you crazy??? You're going to get our house egged...but it worked...within 2 years of starting that I saw a huge difference, now 99% are in costume!!
  9. What I want to know is, WHY DO PEOPLE CARE? Buy your 2 or 3 bags of candy. Serve them to whomever until you run out, then close your door, turn off your lights, and/or put up a sign saying "Sorry, all out of candy!".

    My son is 11 and going. I went until I was 14 I think but mainly because I was the oldest and started taking my younger brothers and sisters, so it got extended.

    We have the ocassional teen that stops by our house, but hey... what would people rather have? Teens getting candy and having harmless fun? Or those same teens egging houses? Stealing candy and smashing unwatched pumpkins?

    People have wacked out priorities sometimes!
  10. This bothers me too! IMO, teenagers, even 13 year olds are too old to trick or treat. I think I stopped trick or treating at age 10 or 11 as well.

    I don't mind kids from different neighborhoods though, some people just don't live in Trick-or-treat friendly neighborhoods.
  11. what's so bad about giving a kid some candy? do you really have to know his street address and his dad's name before you give them something?
  12. I also dont care about kids from different neighborhoods coming to trick or treat. What does it matter anyways, little kids deserve to have some fun on halloween and get the candy. If that jerk doesnt want to hand out candy to kids that arent in his neighborhood, he should just turn out his lights.

    I totally agree on the teen thing, Im the one that hands out the candy at my house, I usually just let the little kids take what they want, but if I see some teenagers who are not dressed up, I grab a couple pieces of candy and they all get one piece, if they ask I tell them I dont have alot of candy and everyone is only getting one piece. Its not fair to the little kids that are all around my neighborhood to be stiffed candy because some idiot teenagers think its cool to still be trick or treating at 17 or 18.
  13. ITA, we actually get quite a few teens, but they are dressesd, giggling, having a good time, well behaved and polite...

    Really, what's the problem? Let them have today grow up all too fast extra year or two of trick or treating, who is it going to hurt :shrugs:
  14. I don't care who comes & takes the candy - as long as they take it so there aren't any tempting leftovers I'm good. Plus I honestly don't know every kid in my neighborhood & I'm not about to interview them.
  15. I think I either tend to remember what it was like to be a teen better than the average adult, or I'm just more observant.

    I "remember" as a girl of 11-13 feeling too big for toys and dolls (boy was it HARD for me to give up my babydolls!) and too young for everything else. I wasn't boy crazy and wasn't into fashion and makeup. I was just a girl who was growing up and feeling too old to do the things I liked and not interested in the things I was "supposed" to like for my age. It was such an awkward age.

    I remember feeling weird about trick or treating at 13, but since I had to take my 7,9 and 11 year old siblings out, was I just supposed to pretend that I didn't like candy any more?

    And why is it just for little kids? Little kids have fun all the time... it's the older kids that are lacking on the fun stuff - too much homework, too much pressure to do well and to do sports and other extracurricular activities.

    I have an 11 year old and I want him to not worry about "being too old" for things. I want him just to do the things he likes to do and who cares what others think. (as long as it doesn't harm anyone of course).