kids shoes


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Nov 9, 2007
[FONT=&quot]When I was a kid I never had a chance to choose or order my own dress or shoes. I used to wear what my dad or mom buy for me. Now my kid is 3 years of age and now itself he is showing great taste for dress and shoes. This time when I was looking for shoes online he was also present there and chooses his own shoe color. I was soo lucky that there was 30% OFF + free shipping on nike shoes , which he liked. Is it amazing isn’t it?[/FONT]<o>:P></o>:P>


Nov 13, 2007
great buy! My three year old is right there with yours. She's picking out her clothes and shoes. It's hard for me to see that she's already picking out European shoes for her self. I need to go the Stride Rite for a refund to get her a pair of Umi boots instead. Kids these days....