kids sharing a room?

  1. I have been debating this and I thought I would ask your opinions...

    I have 2 girls ages 2.5 years and 10 months old. They each have their own rooms. I have noticed that they play mostly in one room together and thats my living room or study, which is right off the front door of my house. Their rooms are about the same size and not that big for beds dressers and play areas all together

    I thought, maybe I should have them share a sleeping space and make the other's room a play room for all of their toys that are in my living room and study. I also thought of making my office a play room, but that would not look great considering it is right across from the dining room and front door with no way to close it off. I would also lose my guest space.

    Does anyone have any experience with a shared bedroom? I wouldn't force them to share forever, just while they are little. Both are really good sleepers and have about the same schedule.. naps, bed time etc.

  2. OMGOSH, get them in the same room and make a separate playroom.

    I KNOW Americans are rich and LOVE to give their kids eveyrthing, but there is a LOT to be learned that is VALUABLE in sharing a room with someone! Plus, I have some pretty great memories of sharing a room with my sister and we couldn't stand each other! LOL

    My kids have their own rooms because they are nearly 9 years apart in age, but if they were close like yours? HECK YES they would be sharing...

    Hmm... Well, little one WILL get his own room. He's still in ours and probably will be until he's about 4. He just has his toddler bed about 3 feet from our bed and we don't bother him and he doesn't bother us and this way we get to keep the study for longer!
  3. I would make one room a toy free bedroom and the other one a playroom. It will be so nice to have a clutter free bedroom that takes minutes to clean and the playroom will be a place the girls will know all their stuff belongs.
    When we were moving I made my daughter's room the box room and put her bed in my son's room. She was 4 and he was 7. Well they slept better in the same room. Their rooms were at one side of the house and I hated it. It gave them much more security being in the same room. So I think it would be great for your daughters. I am sure once they get older they will want their own room but for now they seem to love each others company.
    Now my kids fight if one goes in each other's room.....LOL
  4. I have two boys aged 4 and 5. They share bedroom even though they could have their own. They really seem to enjoy it and they don't wake each other up......ever!
  5. share!!!
  6. are their sleep patterns similar or do they sleep pretty hard, meaning one won't wake the other?

    Sleep is so precious at my house that I actually seperated my twins! LOL!
  7. I'm not sure if they won't wake each other up, but they do go to bed around the same time and wake up around the same time each day.. the only difference is that Ava, my little one takes 2 naps a day.

    I actually moved them today and we will see how it goes I guess, but "their" room is so cute!!!!

    They are sleeping right now, and we had no problems putting them down to sleep at the same time...

    I hope it goes ok...
  8. I can't wait to put my twins back together, I'm waiting until they don't nap anymore.
    I'm guessing it's pretty soon, they're 3.5 yrs old.
  9. here are some pics of what I did today!

    First pic is Sophia's side

    and Second pic is Ava's side

    Dont worry the baby can't reach the things on the walls:nogood: I am lucky that Sophia doesn't mess with stuff.
    DSCN2452.JPG DSCN2453.JPG
  10. Their room is sooo cute!!! Sharing a room is a wonderful way to learn to be mindful of others. I have such fond memories of sharing a room with my sister.
  11. I have 3 in one room and 3 in the other. I love overhearing them wispering and laughing together at bedtime :smile: . That's the best part of sharing a room imho, you catch up on each other's day and act silly. Plus an added bonus is that you learn to share your space which helps for later in life: college dorms and marriage.
  12. You made that room so incredible!!! How pretty :girlsigh:!
  13. As a child, I shared a room until I was about 12... I had good experiences, overall. Sure, I'd fight with my sister about silly things... but we grew out of it, and we're pretty close now as adults.

    btw, i LOVE your daughters' shared bedroom... so cute!! :smile:
  14. if i had children of the same gender, i would love for them to share a room. the room is beautiful, i am sure the girls will love it!

    i think the older ones learn to sleep through anything, at least i have noticed that with my screaming baby ever woke him up
  15. The room looks so pretty, I love the colors. Its a good idea to do a playroom and a bedroom. I shared my bedroom with my brother for a while, till middle school, he is only 1.5 years younger than me and we were always very close as kids and we are still close, we used to fight a lot I wont deny it but I have great memories of us playing video games or table games, saying scary histories to each other (being super quiet because we didnt want to get in trouble) till very very very late at night.