Kids say the darndest things!

  1. I believe there was once a thread similar to this in General, but after doing a search I couldn't find it.

    What goofy/funny things have your kids (or someone elses') said to you?

    Here are a few of mine, all from my cousin Nicole:

    • If you keep eating your belly is going to get big and a baby will come out!
    • (When I was pregnant) *taps on my belly* Hey! Can I come in?!
  2. When my friend was pregnant, her 3 year old said he was also pregnant, with a baby birdy and his name was Fred. We are still waiting for him to deliver :roflmfao:
  3. lol!!
  4. I posted this story in the other thread, but it's too cute, so I want to share it here as well:

    My dd is 5 and she goes to school with a little boy named Riley. Well, she and Riley are very close, so close in fact, that dd has told me and dh that she is marrying Riley when she grows up (if only I could be assured that dating would be that easy - LOL!). Anyway, this one day, dd goes to a party at another little boy's, Corey, house and she stayed afterwards to have a playdate. Well, Corey's mom calls me later to say she's coming to drop dd off, but that dd and Corey had a great time. . . so great in fact, that she caught them kissing on the lips! So when dd gets home, I ask her about the kissing, tell her I think she's a little too young for it, and then say, "and what about Riley?" Her response? "Well, Riley wasn't at the party!"

    Anyone else think I'm in trouble?
  5. At work the other day one of the kids put the toy doctors stethoscope up to my chest, and I asked her what it was for and she said "to listen to the fishes".

    Then another little girl came up with the pretend hair dryer and I asked if she'd "blow-dry" my hair with it, and she literally started blowing on my hair, and then started blowing on another girls hair too. It was so cute!