Kids off for Halloween?

  1. My stepdaughter said her daughter is off school for Halloween.

    I have never heard of that-Halloween is a regular school day here in NY. Does anybody else's kids have that day off?
  2. We used to BUT only because Oct 31st is Nevada Day, a state holiday here. A few years back a law was passed to change the holiday to the last Friday of Oct.

    When we lived in California the children NEVER got Halloween off but usually had a light, party day and some schools allowed children to come dressed up in costume.
  3. I've never heard of that, but think it's really cool! I love Halloween.

    Is she actually off because it's Halloween or because it's a staff development day, or something of that matter happens to fall on that day?

    Either way, she's lucky and I would have loved that as a kid!
  4. MY daughter has off...BUT its because she is in a new PRIVATE school here.The public schools here have school...its weird..I dunno why?
  5. uh... I have 2 midterms on Halloween... my teachers are evilll
  6. I work for a school district in NY & they don't get off for Halloween
  7. We actually have state testing on Halloween at the school I work at as well as Parent Conferences. Pretty ridiculous.
  8. Strange! When I was in school we never had off for Halloween.
  9. our school schedules parent conferences that day, so the kids have no school
  10. Our kids have a regular school day that day, although the little ones bring costumes and treats. In the afternoon they have a parade in the gym to show off their costumes and then they have a little party in the classroom.
  11. When I was in elementary school (I'm in PA), we had a full day, but at noon they sent us home to change and then we'd come back, have a parade and a party in the classroom. I have no idea if they still do that or not. My dd goes to a Jewish school for kindergarten, so they do not close for Halloween.