Kids' Jeans

  1. Could someone who has experience please recommend a good brand of boys' jeans? I've bought practically every brand that's for scale in department stores, but after a few weeks my son manages to wear out the knees. So he's got lots of pairs of almost-new pants with holey knees!

    I need something that will stand upto a lot of rough and tumble.

    Any recommendations?
  2. My boy is three. I like to buy cute name brand shirts like Sean John and ENYCE for him, but when it comes to jeans, I look to Old Navy. My son plays hard out on the playground and his sitter takes him there every day. I never have a problem with the knees wearing out or the jeans threading.

    I also asked my mom for you, and she recommended Children's Place, but that store gives me hives.
  3. One of my girlfriends puts on an iron on jean knee patch in the inside of her sons jeans to help the knees not wear out...its placed on the inside and so you can't see it from the outside and it reinforces the material
  4. My mother purchases jeans for my bro from H&M,they have nice washes,and they are durable. They cost 25 a pair I belive.
  5. I'll try the iron - on patch on the jeans he already has and looks like they're about to thread.
  6. for the jeans you already have with holes in them, I believe you can get them patched back up at your local tailor. They offered to do that with a pair of jeans I had. I don't think it costs as much and they patch it from the inside so it blends quite nice.