kids in theaters

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  1. last weekend i went to see the movie Transformers (for a second time :smile: ) and there were quite a few young children, too young to enjoy the movie.
    one child in particular kept getting upset and at one point his/her mother took him out to stand by the entrance (but still in the theater so she could watch the movie) and i could hear her hit him repeatedly.
    it upset me so much i wanted to go down there and ask her what in the world she was doing. she was punishing the child for her mistake. no one should expect a two year old to be able to sit still for a 2 and a half hour movie! not to mention, transformers isn't young children friendly, there are plenty of voices and 'monsters' that would scare a little child.
    i really can't believe people get so mad at their children when its their own fault for trying to act like they're an adult.

    i hate when i go out to a store, like walmart, late at night (around 10-12) and there are young children who should've been in bed hours ago. and their parents are dragging them around and yelling at them for being whiney.
    i mean honestly, people wonder why their kids are always tired and cranky, put them on a regular schedule! let them sleep! stop acting like they're adults.
    ugh...bothers me...

    *end rant*
  2. Yup, it bothers me too!!! I have younger brothers who were allowed (and still are! They're 12 and 14 now) to stay up till all hours of the night. I was amazed when I started babysitting other children who fell asleep at 8 pm or earlier. Our movie theater here is nice. They have 'mommy shows' that don't turn the lights down all the way and have stroller seating.
  3. It'd bug me too. I wonder if these parents couldn't make baby-sitting arrangements, or they just didn't think of it, or? Don't know. But I agree with you that the poor kid should not be punished for the wrong decision made by the parents.
  4. i think its a few reasons. they can't find a babysitter, can't afford one, who knows. they are selfish enough to drag their child(ren) to a movie so that they can watch a movie themselves though.
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. i don't enjoy listening to children be fussy on airplanes either, but i hate when other passengers yell at the parents.

    children are not made with a switch. you can't MAKE them stop crying. in some instances you can, and you should come prepared with toys and snacks and drinks and the like, but some passengers act like morons like any parent should be able to keep their child quiet 24/7.
  7. Of course kids are kids but a lot of the time the parents are responsible. As others have stated it IS the parent's fault when you drag a small child out at midnight. There are times when it's a necessity (sick child getting an urgent care Rx filled etc) but those are usually far and few between.

    Even with air travel I am amazed at how many parents don't bring anything to keep their children busy or the proper snacks. I always carried snacks and things to keep Lil Max busy when he was younger. You never know when you'll be detained. Even on a quick trip to the grocery you could witness an accident or something and be forced to spend an hour or more sitting in your car (it's happened to me!!!).

    As far as movies...some children can handle a movie such as transformers but most can't. If the child wasn't behaving the answer is and child leave the theater, end of story.

    Parents need to be responsible parents and people without children need to recognize that kids will be kids at times!!!
  8. I agree! I have a six year old and he is in bed by 9pm during the summer and 8:00pm during school. People think I'm crazy but I really think a "schedule" is important for kids.

    If my son misbehaves in public, we leave. Especially if it was in a movie theater, restaurant, etc. I am lucky in that he rarely misbehaves in public. I certainly understand both sides- how the parent feels as well as the other people around.

    I, too, hate seeing parents being so hateful to their children. Especially when the child needs to be home in bed!

    As for the movie Transformers, we took my 6 year old to it Saturday. We watched about 30 minutes & he wanted to leave. He said it wasn't scary (I think he just wanted to go to his friend's house). It irks me that a child toy (Transformers) was made into a movie that is not appropriate for children! There was some language I noticed, some slight sexual comments (which go right over my son's head), and of course, mild violence. It could have easily been made into a PG movie! Ok- sorry to get so off topic....
  9. the other thing is, at the beginning of the movie an employee came in and said "if your children can't settle down, we ask that you leave and will provide you with a refunded ticket"
    so why can't the parents just leave? the theater will give you a new ticket for a time to suit you better. i mean c'mon...

    but i do agree with your statement "Parents need to be responsible parents and people without children need to recognize that kids will be kids at times!!!" thats very true
  10. haha, i see what you're saying. i think the movie was made more for the mid 20-30 year olds who grew up watching it. it was still the same old transformers they loved, but was also a little more mature as they are now.

  11. exactly. i heard a story on the news a few nights ago, a flight got delayed 11 hours. one passenger, a mother who had her 2 year old with her, was asked to leave the plane when her child was repeatedly saying "bye bye airplane". apparently a stewardess came over and asked her to keep her child quiet. the other passengers around her said it was no big deal and it wasn't bothering them. but the stewardess went to the pilot, said the passenger threatened her, and had the mother & child thrown off the airplane.
    back on topic: the mom thought it'd be a quick 1 hr flight, so she had no diapers, snacks or anything. thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard! i'm a nanny, and i never leave the house without toys, diapers, his blanky and food. at least. i don't care how short the trip is. you never know when your child will need one of those things. especially going for a flight! they get delayed all of the time!
  12. OH MAN! No diapers for a flight?? You never know with airlines these days. I'm one of those people (I'm 5'2" too) that carries the biggest bag and always fills it! And this is just for me:rolleyes:!
  13. I always leave when my child cant manage - he is still a baby and there is no reason for me to stay in a restaurant and have my screaming child next to me. I can't enjoy myself either.

    as for airports: the worst airport I have experienced so far is hands down Frankfurt. I was travelling with my 3 month old, and yes sometimes you have to and NO I don't care whether I could bother other travellers. there are tons of things that bother me: smelly, taking a lot of space, noisy etc etc, and I can't tell these people to stay home. so why should my baby not travel with me? sorry, when it comes to that I don't give consideration to others bec there is plenty of stuff others do not give consideration to me and my sensitivites either.

    so anyway, my child was hungry and I don't like to BF in public. just a thing I have. I saw they had a family-waiting room, so i went in there and asked if I could nurse my child there. the woman working there just looked at me in a disgusted way bec my baby was crying and told me to go elsehwere... stupid, I almost filed a complaint about her. don't do a job with people if you cant handle them: not my problem that you do'nt like crying infants. sorry, my patience is pretty thin that way.

    I ended up feeding in the bathroom, of all places, and still had a cleaner guy walk in there... I had such a go at him - it was the ladies, I mean please.. but yeah, awful place and people
  14. that is horrible, BF shouldn't be looked down IMO