Kids in LV boutiques...Is LV kid friendly?

  1. The only way that I will be able to go to an LV boutique during the week is if I take my 3-year old daughter with me.:rolleyes: :lol: She's very well behaved (and she loves LV:smile: ), but I was wondering if you ladies with kids have ever taken your kids in with you. Are they kid friendly? (I've never been to an actual boutique, I've only shopped on eluxury.)
  2. I take my daughter and have never had a problem.
    Will she sit in a stroller still? Park her in front of a mirror w/ some fruit snacks and you're good to go! LOL!
  3. I was just there on Saturday with DH and my 2 year old daughter who is one that just loves to be the center of attention. The SA I was dealing with plus a few others that were there were very friendly towards my daughter and acutually seemed as though they enjoyed having her there as my daughter likes to entertain people.
  4. She'll probably want to walk around and see the bags. :lol: Not touch them, of course...just see them.:girlsigh:
  5. A few years ago I bought a papillon on halloween day. The SA's had candy and were standing outside the store and giving kids candy, as well as giving candy to those who came in with their parents lol.
  6. yeah, my DD is too old for a stroller, that's why I asked if her's will sit.
    My DD likes to try on shoes in there!
  7. My daughter loves to be the center of attention, too. She forgets nothing; she loves the Louis Vuitton cartoon with the panda. She'll probably ask, "Where's the Panda?":lol:
  8. I took all four of mine at the tail-end of Fashion Week in February on a Saturday to the one in the city. It was such a zoo in there, they couldn't have made a difference anyway. I knew exactly what I wanted and got in and out. We did have to go to the top floor for a bag repair and they (ages 7-14) didn't sit with their hands folded but they weren't bad. No one seemed to mind at all.
    I think shops need to be kid-friendly.
    But I wouldn't stay for an hour.
    Know your child's temperament at that time of the day. Good luck.
  9. I always take my three children in the store> All the SA's now them by name. My DD always have a say i nwhich bags I will buy.
  10. I wouldn't think it's a problem as long as the kid is well behaved and isn't running through the store like a wild animal.
  11. True...

    I asked this because after reading all of the stories about people in LV boutiques getting snubbed or treated badly for whatever reason, I'm dreading what she'll say if it happens to us.:shame: . She's very perceptive and if someone is mean to me or her, she'll say loud enough for all to hear, "Mommy, that lady is mean. I don't like her. Let's get ice cream.":lol:
  12. ha ha ha buttery, ur kid is so cute to would've said that, maybe the "mean" lady will get embarassed later & it's good for her if she's being unkind or unpatient to ur kid :P
  13. I took my daughter in not to long ago, and she had just woke up from her nap, so she was not in the best of moods. However, they had no problem with her, as there was another family in there with the rowdiest, loudest, baddest kids ever. When they left and the store was quiet, they were complimenting me on my daughter and how well-behaved she is. I set her down to look at some things, and she wanted to sit in the large chairs they have there, so I let her. The SA went to the back and got her a Rice Krispies Treat and a couple others came from out back just talking to her.

    So my answer in a nutshell...if you have good kids, then you should have no problem!!
  14. LOL As a childless person, I think that a well behaved child would be welcome in LV. They are such a pleasure to be around:smile:

    However, I must admit that if I went into LV to plunk down a good chunk of $$$ and there were kids in there screaming, etc, I would probably get irritated. I think that parents just need to be considerate of others--those of us who do not have kids are not used to their wailing, crying, etc, so if the child is doing that, don't stay in the store:smile:

    I hope I did not offend anyone--your kids all sound very sweet and well behaved. I am referring to the parents out there who are either deaf or just oblivious:smile:
  15. YES - I know my store is kid friendly! The only time we don't like kids if they are running all over the store, and behind the counters where we stand. (Its way too dangerous...) I witnessed a kid run right into the counter...and yeah as long as they're sitting still somewhere - they'll be just fine.

    We have chairs too, and I've seen mom's ask their kids to sit tight...but yeah for the most I love kids! The SA'S that I work with are mother's yeah THEY LOVE KIDS... haha.