kids carnival!

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  1. We are having a small fun carnival for kids in our local area and i have to display one stall. I am not good in handling food items so please give me some other good idea. What i must sell at my stall to attract more kids and collect much profit.
    Games? but what kind of games? :O
    or something else
    face painting?
    i am confused please help me decide.
  2. face painting is a great idea!
    every kid loves to get their face painted or even have a DYI thing.
    Like making masks or cards, etc
  3. U can do candy art....fill up sand candy in fun containers and they can eat it later.Look at catalogues...U can buy this stuff super cheap online.
    I did a carnival for my daughters bday party ..rides and was a BLAST!

    SAndy candy art is the fave...that and the tattoos,face painting or any fun craft table.EVEn something easy like decorating cookies.all u need is frosting and candy...etc
  4. Face painting would be great for kids!

    Other ideas:
    Temporary tattoos
    Beads for making your own necklaces and bracelets
    Toss ping pong balls into fishbowls to try to win a goldfish
  5. hmm so face painting win
    i have also got one idea of bowling. i will paint three glass bottles and will get one ball. every kid will have three chances to fall these three bottles. That is fun i know :biggrin: