Kids bully and verbally abuse woman on bus. Video goes viral.

  1. It's not our business to tell other people what to do with their money. I wish it was, but it isn't. If people want to give her money, then they can. No one is forcing anyone to donate. People spent money on a lot of stupid stuff. :shrugs:

    I think it's a slippery slope to know how to deal with kids. We all think we would do THIS or THAT in a situation, but would we really? There are enough bad videos of people disciplining kids out there. How do we know this woman wasn't told to keep an eye on the kids, but was not allowed to discipline them? If she did try to scold them, I'm sure that would end up on YouTube and she would be fired for yelling at someone or something stupid like that. I think there's a lot of unnecessary blaming the victim in this thread... and everyone's claiming that they would do one thing, while no one really has any idea what they would do in that situation. Bullying is one thing, but bringing up her son's suicide is another. I really find it hard to believe that everyone would be totally level-headed, logical, and would APPROPRIATELY scold these kids in that type of emotional situation.
  2. agree.......and ironically, the experience may not have been that traumatic. she says she may go back and be a bus monitor. after taking her kids and grandkids on vacation to disneyland....and last I heard the amount was up to $650K

    I agree that if you can't stand up to kids and show them your are in charge, you shouldn't be in charge of them. That doesn't mean you're a bad person - just not right for that job.
  3. I think it's hilarious that people on this thread are saying the donation fund has gotten to a rediculous amount, given how much we see people spend on bags on this forum.
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    Why is taxes even being brought up as an issue? :pullhair:
    When one makes a lot of money. one pays a lot in taxes. Its the way it works. I love years when I pay a ton of taxes.

    She didn't even 'earn" this money by years of hard work. And she takes home 40 to 50% of what was given to her which is still a good deal of money.

    If one donates money for any cause, they need to let it go. Otherwise its putting conditions on the donation.
  5. :tup: A lot of times adults get reprimanded for attempting to discipline children. The children on the other hand get nothing.
  7. I was verbally abused and bullied as a kid so I really know how these bullied victims feel. It is a terrible, terrible thing to go through. No matter what people think, it really is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Shame on these kids!

    I'm glad the kids got punished.
  8. punks! shame on their parents!
  9. i totally agree with this, never blame the victim. in this case the teens had more power and were in a group. i mean what if they ended up having guns or weapons, it is not the adult's fault as it is not their duty to screen kids on a daily basis. one should be reasonable as there is only so much to expect from school staff. a bus monitor may have a different role/definition these days, definitely incomparable to juvie i would imagine it would be completely different if children were monitored by police. everybody can only speak from their own experience. it is wrong to suddenly redefine that role into something that it wasn't or what you think it should be at the time because that makes the bus monitor's experience invalid
  10. I started to watch this video and when the lady said she was crying it actually made me cry, that poor woman!
    Bullying is getting out of hand, it seems like kids either do it in groups in person or do it solo via the internet, but either way it can be extremely hurtful to the victim, and i can only assume that the bullies cannot fathom how it can impact a victims life because if they can and they do it anyway then IMO they must be pure evil.
    I hope that the karma mantra 'what comes around, goes around' is in effect for these brats right about now (and any other bullies for that matter!)