kids bags???

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  1. so i have been researching tokidoki bags, i have yet to purchase one. but i saw the amore pattern at Nordstroms today and i LOVE it!! they didnt have it in the style i wanted though....

    anyway, as i was looking at the bags, 2 11 or 12 year old girls ran over and started looking at them. at this point i thought, as a 30 year old pregnant lady, am i too old for these bags?
  2. You are not too old for these bags. My mom has one and she is in her mid-50s. Plus you look young, so you don't have to worry. I really think tokidoki is for all ages. It would be adorable for a pregnant lady to wear one.
  3. i agree that it's made for all ages but then again you could say it's geared toward those that are young at heart... i don't think the $$ is appropriate for girls that young :wtf: i've always had issues with young girls (elementary/middle) that wear tons of labels or expensive ones to be more accurate. younger people need to be humbled IMO so these are adult baggies :biggrin:
  4. I agree that they are adult bags. Your not to old and Amore would make such a great baby bag too.
  5. ooh no youre definitely not old for these bags :biggrin: no one is too old for it :biggrin: im sure you will love it :biggrin:
  6. There are at least a few of us that are here on tPF that are way older than 30 and love (and use) our bags.....
  7. they are an addiction ...just beware!:yahoo:
    they look great on anyone !
  8. I'm in my 40s...I have a 14 month old son and I carry toki bags as baby bags and an adult bag and I worried about that too in the first week I owned one but I don't even consider it anymore! ha! Every time I carry one women comment on my bag! (Yes, they're mostly younger than me but not teenagers or younger)
  9. Yeah I'm in college and I've had many compliments. A lot of them have told me they needed something like that. Of course they don't know that I spent like 135 dollars on it.
  10. Pefectly ok! Plus, since you are pregnant, you can use some as diaper bags. I think it is just the print that attracts little girls, but the price is meant for adults. So, obviously they are geared to adults.
  11. I'm the same age as you and I'm carrying Toki. The price tag makes it an adult bag in my opinion.
  12. ^ True. I think that if it was really meant for young kids it would be a lot cheaper.
  13. Imagine that...then all tokis will be all gone :p
  14. That's why the knockoffs will probably sell.....but what good are they if they're charging $50 or more for those ugly things!
  15. I saw an asian woman yesterday with an inferno bella. She looked soooo hot.

    And I just saw a middle aged woman with a citta ciao the other day.