Kids and Tokidoki

  1. My son, who is about to turn 10, loves Adios. :smile: He told me today that he wants the Adios star watch for his birthday!! LOL

  2. too cute! I have four little boys, and they like my toki's too. I just ordered an inferno scuola to use as my baby backpack, and my older boys think it's cool! :smile:
  3. It's cute if you can afford it lolz. Will the band fit him though? Idk..maybe an adios star necklace? lolz...a little cheaper too haha..but if money isn't a factor then yeah buy him the watch lol.
  4. I bought my 12 year-old daughter her FIRST toki today. :crybaby:I feel like she is allll grown up, lol.

    But really, she chose a pirata bambino, with the perfect print to highlight the mermaid (hers and my favorite toki)

    I told her if she lost it, i'd kill her :p Or at least cry a lot....tee hee
  5. ^lolz..a bambino is a nice size for a kid :biggrin:
  6. My daughter loves my bags but they're all too big for her to "borrow" (2 bv's, gioco, andiamo, mamma mia, and a stellina) so for her 5th bday i'm trying to get a bocce;) it looks like its just the right size for her.
  7. It will be too big for him because he has skeleton wrists like me, LOL. I gain weight but my wrists are still bony. But it will still be cute on him even if it's like a bracelet.

    And Mom can borrow it sometimes too. :graucho:

  8. I gave my 11 yo daughter my olive playground camo bambino- she loves it- she takes pretty good care of it. she wants one for her birthday next month- a spiaggia but I will have to wait and see-
  9. i wish my mom liked tokidoki. it's always a struggle when i want a new bag even though it's my own money
  10. my neice is 14 and she loves her pirata bambinone. my daughter is 10 and her favorite bag is inferno bambino. nice and small. i got her a foresta porta for her 5th grade promotions and she keeps her ds in it.. =)

    mickey you too on the bambino! =) great size huh!
  11. aw maromi, it's ok. it's great you're using your own money to get your own toki's! even tho i have toki bags and love em, i won't just go buy my daughter one. i have her earn it and stuff.. sometimes she'll want to borrow something, but it always depends.

    like tokidokimama, most of the bags are way too big for her size. i took a pic of her today referencing a novula and it was really big on her. i'll try to post it later on here..
  12. I feel your pain. However, it's really no easier when you have a husband and 4 kids to "justify" your purchases to. :rolleyes:

    Thankfully I'm a very low maintenance woman, so I don't often spend a lot on myself.

    My hubby still doesn't quite get it, however... :nogood:

  13. well both my mom and dad made me promise my spiaggia mm would be my last bag purchase. only less than five months until i'm 18 :wlae:
  14. I recently bought a Toki bag for my dd's 15th bday. After that, she seems to get so hook on it (she used to be a Harajuku, and also got her best friend hook too. Last week she asked if I can buy her a Toki bag if she saw one that she liked, but I told her that I won't just buy it without her working for it. I did told her that she can borrow mine anytime if she likes. You see...I think those Toki characters are so cute, I actually don't mind buying them for her, so it will be very hard for me to control myself for spoiling her in this area.:p
  15. petals, i know what you mean. even tho they may not own any toki's, they know we do! LOL. so it's really easy for them to say 'can i borrow?'. haha.. and i'm sure since they know we love tokidoki, they're not going to stop us from buying.. lol.

    what's her favorite print? my daughters favorite is foresta (cuz of monkeys), then inferno, then spiaggia. tho it was the first time she saw a tan playground print.. she loves that now!