Kids and Television?

  1. One of the American families in my town had a baby 7 weeks ago. I went to their house this morning with Julia to visit the mom, and when we walked in, I saw the baby sitting in his little Boppy in front of the TV watching a Baby Einstein DVD. :wtf:

    This really got me to wondering, when did you start allowing your kids to watch TV? Julia does not watch TV, and she does not (and will not...) have DVDs until she is of an age where she can understand what she is seeing.

    IMO: Plopping an infant in front of a TV to watch these DVDs is not doing a service to them, if anything - it's hurting them. I understand that we all need a break sometimes and how the easiest thing to do is to pop in a DVD, but...I dunno. I just found it disturbing that a 7 week old was already watching Baby Einstein...
  2. We don't have a TV. Son has a computer with a DVD player, he gets to watch about 2 DVDs a week. I think as a result of this he's a voracious reader.

    I read an interesting research about babies and the use of such materials as Baby Einstein. The findings reported that babies needed to engage many of their senses to learn something. As part of the research they had 'chopped up' the baby Einstein episodes into random parts - so that each scene would not have any relation to the previous one at all and there was no continuity. And then they'd tried it on 9 month olds, 12 month olds, 2 years and so on, and measured their responses. It was the kids 3 years old and above who got confused or noticed anything different. Younger kids apparently looked at the TV the way youngsters look at a mobile - moving pictures, colors and sound, but did not make much sense of it!
  3. I was raised in a homeschooling, conservative Christian household and I wasn't allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio til 12. As a result, I believe that I read much more than the average child. I would burn through a stack of library books in a week.

    My son is 3 and I allow him to watch TV, but he doesn't seem all that interested in it.
  4. As a kid, I wasn't allowed to watch much TV either. 1/2 to an hour a day (usually Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers)...I read tons of books too, still do!
  5. I can't imagine how it could be good for developing eyes...

    Only one of my girlfriends did this regularly with her child and I think he has a little ADD now... Also, there is the risk that TV (and I know this is controversial) could be a trigger for Autism. Why risk it?

    Oh, I have to add... this is my same friend that later bought her 3 year old son an ipod to watch Backyardigans at dinner while at restaurants...and has a pool, hot tub and trampoline in the backyard.
  6. What in the world?! Whatever happened to family time while at the dinner table? Doesn't matter if it's at a restaurant or not..Jeez :wtf:
  7. watching TV in my house was tough to manage - we had to fight for every series. as a result I too am an avid reader and can live without a TV. not much we are missing I can tell. I would never get my child his own TV for the room, yeah right....

    I will also be very difficult with what my son will be watching. definitely not an infant in front of the TV, just so he is quiet...
  8. I don't remember exactly when I let them watch TV but I know it was after the age of two. I had read something that said the flashing images was detrimental to developing brains. The article went on to say that it was being studied to see if the rise ADD/ADHD had anything to do with the way TV is presented to young audiences.

    My kids are now 11 and 8. We are even more restrictive with their viewing now. I hate sitting down with my son to watch TV and a Victoria's Secret commercial is shown. Luckily, he has a "scientific" mind and prefers to watch the Science Channel, Nat'l Geo. Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery. He and my husband are watching "SurvivorMan" right now. My daughter is a little tougher as she wants to watch what her friends watch...sometimes we'll let her, sometimes not. We won't allow them to have TVs in their rooms, either. We don't have one in our bedroom, either.

    I have to say that while both my kids love to son is what I consider a "voracious" reader. Whether that has to do with TV being restricted in our home, I don't know. They do have their own portable DVD players that are strictly for car trips of 100 miles or more.
  9. I truly believe you can go too far either way. I was raised by two teachers. As a child I was allowed 1 show a week. I read voraciously, but my father (who is a brilliant teacher with a Masters in Education) actually taught me how to read as a toddler using a speed read method. As a result, I never could find enough to keep me occupied-I often checked out 10 or more books every 2 days at the library, and eventually read all I was allowed to. I allow my boys TV, only supervised programs, but TV nonetheless, and they are both excellent readers-the youngest is the only boy in his class to win awards. He is much more well rounded than I was. I allowed them this TV privilege at around 3/4, when there are a lot of high quality programs for their age that teach a lot. Oh, and p.s.-toddlers are the easiest to teach a second language to, and there are excellent DVD's for that-I plan on looking into that for my little one.
  10. I dont really see the problem with kids watching tv as long as the programmes are educational then where is the harm?
  11. My kids didn't watch any TV as infants because they'd start fussing after sitting in one place for too long. Both were fussy babies and I couldn't imagine then being calm and mellow enough to watch a TV show.

    Now that they're 4 and 2 1/2, I do allow them to watch 1 to 1 1/2 hours of TV per day: Sesame Street (educational), Dora the Explorer (good female role model), and Caillou (teaches life lessons). They are not allowed to watch any other kids' shows. TV is a "treat" for good behavior at the end of the day and helps them to wind down for the night. While the show is playing, they're also playing with their toys on the floor, so it's not like they're glued to the screen like zombies. I like that they're still being somewhat physically active while sporadically looking at the TV screen.
  12. Watching TV, let alone Baby Einstein DVD at 7 weeks old??? What are the parents thinking? Babies at that age can only see as far as 6-8 inches anyway!!! :p

    I think I will limit TV time and only allow them to watch at a certain age, and of course limit what they can or can not see. I'd like my kids to put reading and interacting/playing ahead of watching TV.
  13. I didn't allow my kids any television until they were 2. Then I allowed up to 1/2 hour per day. My kids love books and imaginative play as a result.

    Now that my youngest is 3, we sometimes have a movie night once a week or once every two weeks where we all snuggle together, have popcorn and watch a kids movie.

    And this isn't really related to television (or maybe it is more than I thought), but I think at least one meal together as a family everyday is crucial. We usually have breakfast and supper as a family.