kids and LV

  1. i got my daughter the mono mini hl today and when i got home, i told her i have something for her. she was so excited and was literally jumping up and down asking me what it was. so i gave her the brown bag and she immediately took the box out and set it on the couch, opened the box, tore the paper, opened the dustbag and reached for the bag. she then unzipped the bag, got the box for the lock and keys, and the tags that has the bag's name on it and the one that says Louis Vuitton, etc. she then set the bag down and said, wow mommy look its a cute little box and cards, whats inside the box? :rolleyes:she is so funny. she is five by the way.
  2. lol!!!

    How cute! :biggrin:
  3. Lol! Cute story!! What a great keepsake item!
  4. Cute lol.
  5. Cute.
  6. Will she be using it now or keeping it as 'something special'?
  7. she put it on top of her table in her room and is currently stuffed with chuck e cheese tickets. i guess she would use it when i carry my speedy:graucho:. she is more interested in the tags and the lock and keys that came with the bag than the bag itself. im just glad i got a hold of that bag. its always out of stock.
  8. how cute!
  9. cute. i wish i had a daughter.
  10. So cute.
  11. How cute!!!!
  12. Adorable. My daughter is almost 5 - great age!
  13. I love the mini HL and if I had a kid would def get one for her. They're such a cute little bag x
  14. Cute!
  15. That is so adorable. I miss my daughter being that young. She will be 16 in a few weeks.