Kids and clothes

  1. What is it with sudden growth spurts? Yikes-my son is a big kid for his age-at 5 1/2, he weighs 68 lbs. and is 46 inches tall. he is in the 90th and upper percentile for height and weight (my older son was always such a small, skinny kid-he always wore the right size for his age , size 7 at 7, size 8 at 8, and always "slim" size). He had been wearing size 8 in jeans. Just yesterday i was telling hubby that we should buy him some new pants because I ntoiced his old ones were getting a little tight on him. He wore some jeans yesterday that fit him fine and then we put them in the laundry.

    This morning, he goes to get dressed and cannot close the jeans I put out for him. So, I get out a pair of green cargo pants (which i swear fit him last week!) and they close but once he took a breathe-they popped open!:wtf: On to a pair of cords, also won't close, another pair of jeans that don't close, and finally one more pair of cargo pants that don't even come close to closing! This is at 8:15 this morning-he has to be in school at 8:40 and he has now tried on all his clean pants and none of them fit him :rolleyes:

    Off he goes to school in a pair of shorts and here I sit buying him pants (in size 10) like a maniac on eBay (I buy on eBay because he outgrows them soo quickly). I was soo unprepared! Does this happen with your kids? All of a sudden-POOF!? Anybody got any pants to FedEx me?:lol:
  2. I feel ya!
    My DD is also 5.5 and is off the charts for a girl - she's 55 lbs and 48" tall. People ALWAYS treat her like she's older and it's close to impossible to keep her in clothes that fit. She's in a 7/8 and her shoe is a Youth size 1.
    People have been telling me since she was 6 mos old "Oh, she'll slow down, you'll see! My kid was HUGE and totally slowed down by 3, 4, 5, etc. . . ."

    I'm hoping my twins grow at a slightly slower rate since I have to buy them 2 of everything!
  3. Yes, I hate when I hear, mom I need new pants...I just bought you 3 pair a few weeks ago!!
  4. The spurts do come in well, spurts. My kids twins as well can go through a spurt for months. My son will eat everything. They are 10 and my son wears an 18 slim and my daughter a 1 juniors. It is all because of height. Both of my kids are already over 5 feet tall! My son wears a 9.5 shoe and my daughter an 8.5. Just prepare yourself - I try not to spend too much on clothes. I have found for height, juniors work for girls and Ralph Lauren cuts quite large for both. Good luck!
  5. I just bought my daughter a size 5 in all her jeans in the beginning of September. She fit them but I needed to tighten them using the tabs on the inside. So I washed them...dried them... BIG MISTAKE! They don't fit her anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to buy her new jeans. Now that means I have to buy her new jeans and then get them hemmed too. What a waste of money! She is only 4 years old and she is 50lbs. I might have to buy her a 6Plus. I know . Her twin sister wears a 5t and she is 38lbs. They are total opposites.
  6. My kids have both have growth spurs and it is frustrating to find clothes that fit. My daughter is 7 and tall and thin, so I just bought some tops from Arecombie kids (said for age 15-16) yea right, they fit my daughter perfect and if you were age 15 you would be wearing midriffs......then I tried Aeropostale online sale and ordered a few T shirts for both of them.
    It is like they both grew since June....everything I bought in June no longer fits them.
  7. I have an online childrens boutique, and I do always suggest that mums buy bigger to allow for growth spurts and a little shrinkage too!!!! You want to buy that your kids get an oppurtunity to wear the clothes for more than a season too, or it is a waste of money. Also, I think that kids today are bigger for some reason too!
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