Kids and Cell phones

  1. Do your kids have a cell phone, if so when do they use it?

    What type of phone do you have for them and where are their ages?
  2. My son is 9 and we got him a cell phone last in HK, it is safe to let your kids go and play outside on their own (at a certain age), so we got him a phone to carry when he is playing, so I can always track him down. I will do the same for my daughter (she's 6), when she is allowed to go play on her own. We live in a set of apartments (7 buildings, each 45 floors), that is gated, and with an unbelievable amount of son doesn't have a phone in the U.S., because he is not allowed to go anywhere on his own.
    I did see a phone that is made for kids called the Firefly, I believe....that is a good idea for small children. I think it can only dial 5 pre-programmed #'s, and 911....
  3. My older son who is 18 has had a cell phone of his own since he was about 13. I bought it for him when he started high school-the high school he went to was almost an hour away from our house and he had to take 2 subway trains to getthere. I felt he needed it for safety and/or emergencies. At that time, I bought him a "pay as you go" phone. I paid for the phone and the initial phone card-he paid for all the other phone cards out of his allowance.

    About 2 years ago-I got him a phone on my cell plan-I felt he was responsible enough to be on a regular phone plan and I was right. I pay the cell phone bill since it is on my account-but, he gives me $20 per month for it-and believe me-he is getting a deal!
  4. i don't have kids, but my parents starting letting me take the phone in middle school when i had to stay after school and such. i got my own phone with my first job when i was of those prepaid things. i didn't run up the minutes because i had to pay for it. :smile: my brother and sister got their prepaid phones earlier...about 7th grade...because the system worked so well with me.

    my hubby and i have talked about it and when we have kids they'll probably get a phone at around fourth grade, when kids start staying after school or going to friends houses. most cell carriers offer a phone now that you program numbers into and the child can only call or recieve calls from those numbers (meego, firefly, etc). i think that's the best kind for a younger child...around 8th or 9th grade is when most of my friends got to have a traditional cell. i think if the right rules are set around them, they're a very very helpful tool in busy families.
  5. My kids got cell phones a little later than some of their friends it seems- around Jr. high age. It's a priviledge to have them in this house, and they need to be used properly (off in school, no text messaging avail-which can be abused in school) They need to let me know where they are and answer when I call (can be an issue sometimes when they're teens!)

    Cell phones are a great tool to keep communication within the family. We are all on a family plan- including my 18 year old who will now pay us for his monthly portion with his $$ from his two jobs. This has been a great introduction to paying bills and responsibility-
  6. Gave both of mine, 11 and 14, razrs for graduation presents.
  7. My 13 yr old has one and it's prepaid. That way we won't get any surprise bills.
  8. i got one when i was 13 with pay as you go. Now, i have prepaid.
  9. Very good idea you have there with your kids. I have used the fryfly for my kids and had nothing but issues with the phone. I had to have the phone replaced so many times they finally just gave me totally different phones.
    The reason i got those phones was so that only the number i put in could call the phone and the kids could call. I dont want a crazy phone bill because my kids like to chat.

    Like you my kids take the call when they go out so that i dont have to yell for them to come home. I ring the phone, much easier. Also so if they leave a friends they can call me and tell me where they're going.

  10. Great plan for a a sense of security :smile: for both you and your son.
  11. Great plan!
  12. Great plan! I'm sure once my kids are old enough to have a pt job after school i will have them pay some of their bill. I think that enforces responsibility.
  13. Wow what a nice phone. Are they on pay as you go ?
  14. that was my worry, but i have locked numbers in to the phone so calls are restricted to only those numbers.
  15. I didn't have a cell phone until I was 17, and started driving my mom's car everywhere. I lived in a small town, and everything to do (movies, mall, etc.) was an hour away. My mom gave me her old cell phone to use for safety reasons only. It was one of those big, clunky Ericsson phones :lol:

    I think that kids should get cell phones when they learn how to drive, or when they begin hanging out with friends who have their licenses.