kids and bags

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  1. how many of your children (young) have lv bags? name the bag, the age she got it and the age now!!!
  2. i don't have kids, thank God :lol:, but i have a niece who's 10 :wtf: and she has her mom's hand-me-down Mono Pochette Accessoires. i think she got it last year
  3. My neice is 11 and she got a cb retro this year
  4. I don't have kids yet but I got my Monogram Pochette when I was 16.
    That seems old compared to some of the ages here lol.
  5. no it's not. i was 19 when i got my first LV :lol:
  6. I wasss...16 or 17 when I got my first LV. A speedy 25 bought by myself from working. I'm only 18 now..
  7. My daughter just turned five years old and I let her choose her own bag when we went in the store and she chose the pochette accessories. I actually wanted to get her the mini sac but she didn't like it.
  8. I don't have kids yet but I got my first LV when I was 23, a couple months ago. I saved $ from working and got it for myself. My other LV was a gift from BF.
  9. Ok lol good..I'm not the only one.
    I mean, my mom always had LV when I was little but I was never really into bags until I started high school.
    Now, it's a whole different story, of course ;)
  10. I got my first LV at around age 20.
  11. First one I actually bought myself was when I was 14-15. I bumped up from a Fendi bag haha.
  12. I bought my first LV this year at 24.
  13. I don't have any kids cuz I'm one myself! haha

    My First LV bag: Monogram Canvas Trotteur
    Age: 18
    Age now: 19
    LVs up to date: 5
    Planning to get: 3 more by December :biggrin:
  14. I bought my daughter her first LV bag, the Mono Mini Sac for her 2nd birthday.
  15. No kids here - but I got my first LV when I was 22 - Mono Speedy 30.
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