Kids and allergies..

  1. I have a million questions.. My son will be 3 in May.. and is severely allergic to milk and eggs.. and every biproduct thereof.. and minorly, dogs and cats and camels (found that out randomly on a zoo trip).. which.. I got him a "hypoallergenic" dog (yorkiepoo) meaning Jake doesn't has hair not fur, doesn't shed, and produces little dander. If I bathe him at least once a week Brayden (my son) is fine. If other people's dogs get anywhere near him.. ie my friend's Lab.. especially his face, he gets beet red and breaks out in welpy hives.

    I have like 10 epi-pen jr's along with Benadryl bottles spread throughout everywhere he ever goes.. including 3 in different purses... his playgroup, my moms, one in each diaper bag.. You never know right??? We've had a few close calls, but always made it to the ER before I had to do it.

    So.. my little guy has a limited diet.. he drinks soy milk.. which gives him lots of protein, and is enriched w/ calcium.. and OJ which also has all kinds of vitamins.. and he takes supplements.

    Actually, it's not the vitamins I'm worried about! The kid is skin and bones. I look at other kids in his playgroup.. and other kids his age when they come into the ER (where I work) and I'm like.. daaaayum.. He is 28 lbs. He is in the like 98th percentile on height. His pedi says since he's been that way since birth and stayed consistant they aren't worried.. but I feel like I need to fatten this kid up! And I know there are soy options for cheese and everything.. but I've tried a few different cheeses and yogurts and ice creams all of which are EXUBERANTLY OVERPRICED.. and he won't eat them bc they are "yucky". And I have to throw them away.. because well.. HE'S RIGHT! And I do the.. well mommy will eat it.. it's yummy look.. *gag*cough*gag*spit in sink*

    1) Anyone else have allergy ridden offspring?
    2) Are they underweight from lack of food options/being a picky 2yo?
    3) Do I have a legitimate concern here or am I suffering from mommy guilt?
    4) Do you know of any "edible" healthy/fattening options? (my mom gave him McDonald's french fries and he liked them.. then proceeded to suggest that would be a good way to fatten him... REALLY?) Btw.. he won't eat peanut butter, and I really don't have a thing against McDs!
    5) What happens to them when they get into real school/Kindergarten?
    ~I've heard mom's say there is an allergy table at their kid's school that all the allergy ridden kids have to sit at!!! :crybaby:
    6) Did you choose to do allergy shots?
    ~I almost don't know what is worse.. shots or seclusion.. Okay, maybe seclusion..
  2. 7)Oh yeah.. Do you know of any good substitutes???
    Half of a banana can be substituted for one egg in any recipe.. cookies/pancakes/etc.
  3. If your son is active and alert and doesn't look weak and pasty, he's fine. You're doing a good job with the vitamins and supplements. If he's pooping every day, that means he's getting enough into his system!

    My 5yo ds2 has multiple severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, legumes, orange, eggs, intolerance to chocolate, wheat, soy, seeds and a whole bunch of others. Let's just say he can only manage corn, rice and potatoes.

    I give him probiotics and other digestive enzymes to build up his weak gut and he has a good appetite despite the limited foods. He eats an enormous amount of unsalted potato chips - hey, it's still potatoes, right? And yes, he also loves MacDonald's french fries, so he gets a large size once a week. He is a little on the small side, but his complexion is healthy. He drinks lots of rice milk.

    Does your ds like "mac/cheese"? Maybe you can puree some butternut squash or sweet potatoes and mix it in with enough soy milk to a consistency he likes. I make vegetable and chicken broths and freeze them in cubes so I can put them into ds' rice pasta. I wish my own ds was more open to different foods too. His diet is severely limiting - since he has autism, many vegetables (if it is visible to him) actually appear strangely threatening to him. I know it sounds crazy but that's how it is. I make sure he gets enough fiber with fiber supplements in his rice milk.

    Trust me, I still have mommy guilt -- but what can we do if our kids are fussy?

    My son is in a designated "peanut free" classroom. If I think of anything else, I'll post again....
  4. one of my 3.5 yr old twin boys has an egg allergry, but seems to be growing out of it thank goodness. He also has asthma, reflux and swallow issues:sad:
    But my boy is a tank. I'm guessing him to be around 41" tall, but he's 41 lbs. It's just his genetics as his twin brother is the same height but scrappy - thin and energetic.
    Is he allewrgic to peanut butter? On my twins' forum lots of Mom's are concerned about tehir smaller twins and a lot of people recommend Pediasure and schmearing pb on everything.

    Also, as long as he maintains his curve consistently on his growth chart he shoule be fine.
  5. We have multiple food allergies (eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, fish..and avoid peanut and strawberry). There are a few suggestions I have for you:

    -eggs....there are several things that you can use to sub, but I usually make recipes that dont call for egg. There are some great cook books for baked goods that are eggless (Bakin' Without Eggs is one). For things like meatloaf etc where its just a binder and not necessary for rising you can omit it or I sometimes add some oil

    -same goes for dairy...Id just skip it instead of trying to find substitutes...some of the soy subs are pretty gross lol. Plus you dont want him having too much soy.

    -speaking of soy, my kids eat soy butter instead of peanut butter and that gets some calories into them. Some people like sunbutter better but we havent tried that yet. The golden pea butter got a thumbs down from my kids :tdown:

    --my most allergic kid also has texture/sensory issues so he is very very picky....he is finally now, at 4.5, trying some new foods but its slow going.

    --dont worry about his weight as long as he is staying on his same growth curve. You can always add plive oil to his foods (on pasta, on veggies etc) to boost calories. Avocado is a good food too..lots of healthy fats. You can try smoothies if he will drink them

    --in kindergarten all schools are different. Some have allergy tables, some dont, some have a rule where the allergic kid picks a friend with a safe lunch to sit next to him can work all that out with a 504 plan when its time for school.

    --allergy shots wont do anything for food allergies. My allergist suggested we could try it with DS2 for his seasonal allergies but the only bother him for 1 month out of the year and zyrtec controls it, so we declined for now

    Please PM me if you have more questions....Ive been dealing with this for a very long time since I too have allergies

    oh, and check out its a great website for parent of food allergic kids
  6. 4) Do you know of any "edible" healthy/fattening options? (my mom gave him McDonald's french fries and he liked them.. then proceeded to suggest that would be a good way to fatten him... REALLY?) Btw.. he won't eat peanut butter, and I really don't have a thing against McDs!

    My son is 14 mos old and is a small kid. The doctor recommended fattening him up with avocados. I usually give him 1 whole small avocado (or half of a big avocado) with 1 whole small banana and 2 teaspoons of apple sauce. I puree it and chill it for 20 mins. *If it is too thick, add more applesauce. You can also prepare it ahead of time and leave some applesauce on top to create a layer so the avocado doesn't discolor.
    He seems to like eating it every morning.
  7. For the egg allergy they make this powdery stuff called egg can use it for baking and breading. You can't really just sit down and eat it, but it is great for recipe replacement.

    I have a TON of allergies and I have since I've been a child. Also try oat, rice, and almond milk for cooking and eating with cereal. They aren't too terrible. Rice ice cream doesn't taste that bad, it is much better than the soy ice cream...that stuff is horrible.

    Also, this brand called ZenSoy also makes little soy pudding cups. The chocolate is the best I think.

    Good luck!