Kidnapped MO newborn girl found!!

  1. If anyone was following this story.

    This is so scary. I feel sad for the women that took the baby. She wanted a baby so bad she lost her mind:sad:
  2. Thank God she is home with her mother.
  3. I don't feel sorry for the abductor at all. She is one sick, twisted person. Millions of people can't have children or lose children. You don't see them breaking into other people's homes, stabbing mothers with knives and kidapping babies...
    Thank God that sweet little girl is reunited with her parents!
  4. They found her? OMG! I am so happy....I wish many bad things fall upon the woman that took pity from me.
  5. i am glad that they found her.. the woman who took her, she needs to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.. and she really needs to be placed somewhere where she will not be given the chance to take someone else's kid..
  6. I am glad they found her safe and sound.

    on another note-this belongs in television and cinema?????????