Kiddo gags on solids...any advice?

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  1. So our little guy has graduated to full-on solids (diced fruit/veggies, cheese, yogurt, Cheerios etc.) on the advice of his pedi. Trouble is, he takes the piece in his mouth, then gags, then throws up because of the gagging. Not pretty. He likes the little dissolving biscuits but of course gags on the last little bit. Does anyone have advice on teaching him how to deal with chunky food?
  2. How old is he now?
    Just give him foods that dissolve easily(cheese slices cut in tiny peices.Gerber makes stars cheerios but in better flavors...and even cheese doodles.Make sure u give SMALL pieces.Sometimes when they gag,they arent quite ready for solids so go slower introducing new foods.
  3. How old is he?

    I wrote out a whole answer but my answer is moot depending on his age :Push:
  4. None!! It comes with age as with development milestones you can't possibly teach a 2 mo to crawl when he's not ready. Meantime it's the parents' sole duty to cut food into smaller pieces (or mash, shred, dilute) until baby can manage on his own. Please be very careful with solids that's how so many babies gag to death because their parents think they can "practise to make perfect".
  5. ^ He's a little over 9 months. I had my pedi draw the maximum size that we should be cutting his food into and she told me what not to give him (hot dogs, raisins, grapes etc.). He also doesn't really have any interest in feeding himself- he is perfectly content having us feed him from bottle or spoon (except for the dissolving biscuits). He has been eating Stage 3 purees for a few weeks with no trouble but they are not overly chunky :smile:.
  6. ok, he's still really young. . . I wouldn't give him anything remotely chunky for a few weeks and then try again. Just try once every few weeks or so until his reflexes relax a little. It could be 15 months before he's really ready.
  7. i was going to say the same ^^ he has to get control of his gag reflex, so that takes different times for different babies. :smile:
  8. ^ I agree with Swanky. Babies are not ready for solids based on age, but instead on development and he may just not be ready. If he isn't interested in self-feeding, I'd wait a week and then try again. Repeat until he is interested. He will start dealing with the textures better when he is ready, but at 9 months there is no rush.
  9. Hayden didnt start ANY solid foods till AFTER 9 mos.He gagged as well.wasnt pretty!LOL!

    Kids are all ready at a different time...just try once in a while to see if he stops gagging.That way u will know when he is TRULY ready...HTH GL!
  10. Maybe mushy solids - like pieces of sweet potato or butternut squash? If he can pick it up, he may be old enough to handle it. Otherwise, go back to pureed foods. No harm in it, and you don't want to turn your little guy off by having him associate food with the unpleasant feeling of gagging on it!

    Good luck with that gag reflex, though. My son was still doing that on foods he didn't like (and therefore chewed too long!) until he was 5 or 6. Talk about not pretty!!!
  11. my youngest son who is 5 still has a horrible gag reflex...if he starts coughing hard he gags himself and then throws up every where. if he swallows wrong and thus coughs too hard he does the same thing... :Push:
  12. PS-start off with sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and start making them thicker to get him used to textures....that helped Hayden alot
  13. Like the others said, you just have to wait until he is ready.

    When my baby boy was 5 months old, my mother in law tried to force feed him rice cereal. He gagged and gagged and she just kept forcing it down his throat. I told her to stop and she told me that you have to teach them to eat otherwise they never learn! The memory of that still makes me cry. He couldn't even sit up on his own yet!
  14. just wait. or make your own baby purees and make them a little chunkier as time goes on.

    no rush. as long as he's getting purees he's fine. add a soft solid, like small bits of banana, peach, squash, etc from time to time. also baby yogurt is a good one to try.

    very liquidy baby cereal is good too.

    my daughter is 5 and if she gags or coughs hard when eating she will throw up. and she did in in ihop after eating too fast and also in wendys. literally all over the restaurant, from the table all the way to the bathroom, it was so embarassing. but young ones have immature reflexes and some people even remain sensitive their whole lifes.

    sounds like your baby just isn't ready yet for the really chunky stuff.
  15. This is all excellent advice and super helpful! He does have a crazy gag reflex- he'll barf just from coughing or gagging on food. Makes things messy at times!
    He does love cereal and we make it with an even ratio of water to cereal so it's not at all runny. Maybe I'll decrease the amount of water. We'll just wait until he's ready! Thanks everyone :smile:!