Kidada for Disney Couture anyone?

  1. Hi guys wondering do any of you own The Kidada For Disney Couture Leather charm bracelet? Im wondering to get the Navy which is Arial Bracelet and the Alice in Wonderland. But i want to know how good are they??And you guys have Pics please show them off. Thanks all.
  2. Adorable pup.

    I have nothing constructive in regards to the Disney Couture. ;)
  3. I wish I owned them, I love her collection!!!
  4. I don't have any of the leather charm bracelets, although I do have my eye on the pocahontas one. They look reasonably well made I have to say.

    I think some of the other Disney Couture jewellery is more my thing though, I've pre-ordered the 'Fairest Of Them All' bracelet recently as I reckon I'd wear it more.
  5. I have the "fairest of them all" necklace. I wish they made a nicer version though, they only offer gold plate.
  6. I think they're cute. :yes:
  7. Just bought this necklace for fun:


  8. I just wanted to let you all know that you have influenced me to buy the "fairest of them all" necklace. hahah well done!! :smile: I thought it was the cutest. Peace43- I really like that necklace as well.
  9. i have two leather wrap bracelets- white leather with disney princess charms, and the blue leather with alice and wonderland charms. i love them and get tons of compliments, but i don't like the smell of the leather =/
  10. YAY!! :dothewave:
  11. I don't really wear gold!! If they made that "Fairest of them all" in SILVER?? I'd be ALL over it!!
  12. Haha i'm excited, except I oredered it online and failed to realize that it is pre-order and wont ship till the end of July!!! BLAST!

    Sofakingsweet, I love those bracelets, especially the alice in wonderland one, and I see they have gone down in price also. Hooray!
  13. Really that sucks!! does the color of the ALice and wonderland bracelet leave a blue stain on your arm? I love them i want to get them but im trully not convinced yet.
  14. I really love your necklace peace43, It's lovely. Where did you get it? I really want the Fairest of them all necklace too but can't find a shop that ships to the UK :crybaby: