Kid vs adult cashmere scarf?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Hoping you can help me.

    I know this has been posted as a question in this forum before, but the answers are pretty old and the scarf sizes seem to have changed slightly.

    I want to get a camel check cashmere scarf but can't decide between the kid or adult one. I'm leaning toward the kid one because it's cheaper ($265 compared to $415) and would let me get a second scarf ... but says it's 7.9 x 50 compared to the adult one, which is 66.1 x 18.1.

    Does anyone have comparison pics that show the size difference?

    I'm pretty small (5'5" and 105 lbs) ... would the kid scarf look too small on me?

  2. I don't have comparison pics as I only have the kids wool scarf and the adult linen scarf.

    But if you don't wrap your wool scarf around a lot, a kids scarf is fine. I'm 5'2" and I like wearing it.

    It's about a foot or so shorter than the adult wool and thinner than the wool (not as wide as the adult scarf).

    I actually prefer the kids scarf since I opt to drape it around my neck tucked into my jackets. The kids scarf is less bulky.

  3. belated thanks, bakeacookie!

    i decided to save up and hold out for the adult size.

  4. Good luck! Now is the time to try and score one on sale/mark down! Definitely don't settle on a kids scarf if you want the full size one. :smile:
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