kid ugg vs. woman ugg?

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  1. i am 5'2 and was wondering if it be better to buy kid ugg because infeel like woman ugg cover most of my leg makes them look even shorter ......but the fur on the inside of kid is so much thinner than woman ugg......i bought two pair to compare today, i like the thick fur on woman ugg but i also like the shortness of kid ugg so i dont know which one to keep

    helppppppppppp pleaseeeeeeeee

    do you guy like woman or kid ugg more?
  2. I'm 5ft and with small feet... and i find kids uggs fits better! It's also cheaper too! :smile:
    But i did not realise the quality of the fur is different! I still find my kids uggs warm and comfy!

    Good luck in deciding!
  3. I have children's Uggs too. Much better fit for me. The toe is a little more rounded but when it comes to freezing cold temps....I really do not even care what they look like as long as My feet are comfy and warm.
  4. I was thinking of trying the youth ugg. Are they narrower in width than the adult ugg? I have kind of wide feet.
  5. I have two pairs of children's Uggs and I think they are both a bit narrow. Not a lot but a little bit. If you have wide feet it may too thing to do is try them at the store.
  6. I prefer children's Uggs, since I have small feet.
  7. I'm 5' tall w/a shoe size 5/35, and I prefer the adult women's size 5. The footbed seems more comfortable to me & the quality is a lot better. Last year, Ugg made a really short version of their "regular" short boot that was adorable. I saw them at Nordstrom's, but they're probably available at a lot of different retailers.

    Good luck! :smile: